Friday, June 28, 2013

Feature: Things We Learned From Today's House Swap

After a dramatic Head of House swap earlier this evening, the Chasemates have finally settled in their new residences. Annabel, Bassey, Maria and Pokello all received a warm welcome in their new Houses and it did not did not take them long to turn into little chatter boxes.

So we thought that we would make a list breaking down some of the most salacious revelations that have come out since the swapped Housemates moved in.

Things we learned from today’s House swap:

• The Diamond Housemates are unhygienic people. As soon as she step through the Ruby doors Annabel could contain her amazement at how clean the House is and how neat all of the Housemates are. “Some people don’t even shower,” the Kenyan confessed.
• Maria likes Melvin. According to Annabel the Namibian even shared her feelings with the Nigerian.
• Melvin loved Feza. Bolt dished to Annabel that there is no way that the Nigerian would be into Maria because he in fact has feelings for Feza. “He loved Feza. I don’t know about now but he used to love her,” the Sierra Leonean insisted.
• Feza really does not like Pokello. This week the HoH told Biggie she is not feeling Pokello when she Nominated her for Eviction. Then she put the Zimbabwean on the Eviction chopping block to save Sulu and today she moved her to the Diamond House. According to the Tanzanian she just can’t stand Pokello’s rudeness.
• Don’t ever come between Pokello and her make-up. The Zimbabwean laid down the law not long after she stepped into the Diamond House. “I take 30 minutes in the bathroom and don’t disturb me when I am doing my make up,” she declared. When they tried to tell her things would be different in her new House.
• The former Diamond dames don’t like Hakeem. Feza, Maria and Annabel all took turns venting about the Zimbabwean and how childish they think he is.
• The Rubies think Dillish has a banging body. The Housemates had the Namibian’s sexy curves on mind tonight. “Her bum, it’s so nice,” Feza mused.

It looks like things are about to get very interesting in both Houses.

By Lihle Jacobs


  1. House shld just stop hatin on zimbabweans obvs ey r on point n zim ol th wae n u feza go hang w tht u smart bt I dare u bouncin nxt wk

  2. Shut d fuck u,Feza is not going anyway.

  3. Feza time getting near. She will soon leave fat hse. She just hate pokello. God will purnish her.. Fuck u Feza

  4. Feza is leaving soon. Mark it. Personal hatred for pokello. Ghana is voting pokello big time to stay. The more she nominates her, the more we will vote to keep her.pokello all the way. Fuck u Feza.

  5. Feza cant compete with pokello. She is not her type hence the personal hatred for pokello. She tinks she can fool us. Always kissing under cover. She is fake. Pokello all the way. Ghana is voting pokello to stay. Feza will leave soon i no bcos africa is watching her diabolical plans against pokello. She wont succeed.

  6. Leave Feza alone she is an African Queen

  7. Feza was not born, she was farted. See how she hates other housemates starting with Betty

    1. Lol, she was tarted, don't kill me ooh

  8. Feza is evil, I don't like the way she treated people after being hoh, stopping Natasha from cleaning was evil.

  9. pls forks wisen up and stop hating h/mates,,,this a game,we cnt be ol winners,,,mxm

  10. Yeah Feza is a devil!!!!!!! Instead of playing the game she is playing people... mcsxeeeewwww

  11. Nooooo Feza is a devil!!!! Instead of playing the game she is playing people. Mcxeeewwwwww!!

  12. I do luv feva she is our makoti in bots stop being haters.with pokello cant complain but just hv to luv she is my neighbour after all