Sunday, June 09, 2013

Feature: Uganda Is Out! SA and Kenya In Trouble

It's the end of the road for Uganda in The Chase as LK4 became the second and last Ugandan Housemate to be Evicted from The Big Brother Africa House. The first one to leave was the quirky Denzel who spent just one week in The Chase. Not that his countryman, LK4 did any better after being passed the baton.

Could LK4's cockiness have cost him in the game? or was it his player tendencies which saw him double cross Nigeria's Beverly and South Africa's Koketso? Well, LK4 ended up being with Koketso who never left his side until they were Evicted together.

It was so embarassing when IK put LK4 on the spot about what he meant on Saturday night when he told Natasha that his mother had told him that he had to be close to Nigerians and South Africans in the House to make it through. The look he got from Koketso was simply priceless as it dawned to her that the Ugandan 'prince' could have been playing her all along.

Koketso's Eviction means that South Africa's hope lies with Angelo who hasn't being doing much in the game either. Now that Angelo is the only South African left in The Chase, he will have to up his game and so should Kenya's Annabel. The second Kenya Housemate, Huddah was Evicted alongside Denzel during the first Eviction Show leaving a huge load on Annabel's shoulders.

Perhaps it would be great for Annabel and Angelo to hook up after all. The busty Kenyan lass has been hinting to Angelo that she's got the hots for him but Angelo made it clear during one of his Diary sessions that he'd rather keep Annabel in the friend zone.

With Selly and Melvin as the Heads of the two Houses this week, we can predict that Nigeria and Ghana are safe from possible Eviction this week. After Rubies won the Airtel Arena Showdown on Friday, HoH Selly made sure to recruit her countryman Elikem into her House perhaps knowing that she could at least Save him should he be Nominated. Well, Selly sent Beverly to the Diamond House where Melvin rules this week and we can assume that even if the lanky lass is Nominated, her brother will Save her.

We can assume and predict all we can but the actual game is dependent on the Housemates and it's only a matter of time before we know who will be facing the dagger next week. We wonder who Uganda will be rallying behind now that they are officially out of the race.

By Lindiwe Nkonyane


  1. :-(, lousy game, Ugandans won't vote any more!

  2. So Sad dat koketso is leaving.

  3. Shame Koketso is left the house so soon

  4. thanks africa, its d best decision... the two should go n contitnue their boring relationship... so happy they are out to my

  5. The decision is okey because there will always be ano eviction so LK4 and koketso should take it as the act of the game.

  6. Lk4......has been selfish and unfair.....theirs ds word im looking for, afraid of saying it....oh Raciest........what does he mean when he has to be close to South african housemate...and some other country?????BULLSHIT..WHATS THAT......hE deserves to be out........

  7. Lk4 ur mu mst be a racist.thank God our beverly is smart