Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Feature: Upcoming Birthdays, Outgrow This Stuff!

What does celebrating your birthday in the Big Brother Africa House really mean? Well, we’ll break it down for you. This means celebrating your birthday with hundreds of thousands of avid Big Brother Africa fans across the continent.

Eight Housemates will be lucky enough to enjoy this once in a lifetime opportunity. Three of them will be celebrating in June, one in July and four in August. We have a few wishes and suggestions on what they should do for their birthdays and beyond the actual date.

On June 14, Cleo turns 24 years old. One wonders if she will have been reunited with her love interest, Hakeem by then or will Biggie make a special exception for the two? There’s no telling especially because Hakeem in up for possible Eviction this week. They still have their Crush Wall Treat this Saturday though, so that wish might come true sooner.

Angelo turns 37 on June 21 and maybe it’s time he let go of those boots. The guy practically lives in those boots; who wears boots in the House for the whole day any way? At 37, it’s time to invest in a good pair of slippers. Then there’s the loose vests and the dreadlocks. The least said about the two, the better.

On June 28 it’s Melvin’s birthday. Perhaps he’ll come out and play with the girls more and we’ll have more to say about him too. Anyway, it helps that he’s hot so he can be forgiven for being the shy guy.

The loud Sulu celebrates his 31st birthday in the House on 29 July, now that he’ll be officially in his 30’s; maybe he needs to listen more. This business of always seeking for attention should stay with the big 3-0. Whoever told Sulu that it was okay for him to dance barely dressed needs to be sued. Hope he leaves that behavior on this side of his birthday.

We have a double celebration on August 8. Neyll turns 33 and Betty turns 26. Our wish is for Neyll to up his game and start getting noticed. Waiting for his homeboy Biguesas to be available for him to have a real chat won’t cut it in The Chase., he needs to start mingling and getting with the girls too – Annabel waits for him with open arms in Diamond.

As for Betty, by then she needs to have remembered that she came into the Big Brother Africa House for the money, the USD 300 000 and Bolt was just a bonus. If she’ll put her whole focus on the Sierra Leonean big man, she might just lose both.

Our last celebration is billed for just a day before the Finale, on August 24. The Season’s only red hair, Feza will be turning 26. The question is, will she be in the House then? Considering that she’s up for Eviction this week, the Tanzanian lass should just get through this tough one then worry about the many more later. That red hair though Feza? We can only take so much of it then it will just have to go. A new year, new hair – that simple. Don’t get it wrong, we love the hair and it looks great on Feza but even the greatest things have to come to an end. Oh! Hopefully the beef between Feza and Betty will have been ironed out by then, it will be a day before the Finale, everyone should be happy by then.

By Lindiwe Nkonyane

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