Thursday, June 06, 2013

Feature: What Is Going On With Feza and Hakeem?

Wow, how quickly things change in the Big Brother House. It was just a mere three days ago that Hakeem was in the Diary room ranting to Biggie about how much he distrusts and dislikes Feza for moving him from the Ruby House to the Diamond House which resulted in him being separated from his lady love, Cleo.

The twosome also both Nominated each other during this week’s Eviction Nominations with Feza stating his reluctance to get to befriend any of the Diamonds as the reason that she put him on the chopping block.

But now it looks like all has been forgiven between the two. As they have spent the day quite attached to one another. So attached in fact, that they found it hard to tear themselves apart today, during the Task. The Task saw Housemates getting into pairs and for each pair to take a Styrofoam heart and press it in between their lips and keep it there for as long as possible.

Curiously, of all of the Diamonds in the House, the twosome chose to pair up together. They even held on to one another long after Biggie told them that the challenge was over. After the Task the Housemates retreated into the living room and Hakeem and Feza hopped under covers together.

Things are certainly getting interesting between these two, are they not? Could there something brewing between them or is it a case of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer?

By Lihle Jacobs


  1. Vote for them so tht we cn c wht is next. Vote for Feza n Hakeem

  2. feza and hakeem stays while lk4 and kktso home cos they sucks

  3. Hakeem is playing games! Pretending to be inlove wt cleo.Jos seeking attention.

  4. Pple stop concluding its a game they want to stay cos both knows they are up n tot Betty was saved cos of thaz. Watch what happens sat at d crush date.