Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Feature: What's In The Cards For Feza and Oneal?

While Africa has been preoccupied with the highs and lows of Cleo and Hakeem, the bedroom shenanigans of Betty and Bolt and Elikem’s suspect closeness with Fatima and Pokello there is one budding romance that has managed to remain in the background in The Chase; and that is the romance between Oneal and Feza.

Today the low key pair spent the day practically glued to each other and it is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore just how tight these two have become since the Tanzanian moved into the Ruby House last week.

It all started on Saturday when the Housemates had their afternoon picnic and Natasha decided to interview the Rubies. It was during one of these stimulating interviews that Feza revealed that she had a crush on Oneal. Since then the pair has become inseparable. Oneal even confessed during his Nomination Diary session on Sunday that if he were to be Evicted, Feza would be the only thing on his mind. He said: “I would just be wondering what is on her mind, what is she thinking”.

Luckily for him he dodged the Eviction bullet last week thanks to Selly. But this week he has not been as lucky, as HoH Bassey chose to put Oneal on the chopping block in order to save his buddy Pokello.

So what does Oneal’s Nomination mean for his relationship with Feza? Will Africa save the Tswana DJ this Sunday or will this budding romance end before it even officially begins?

By Lihle Jacobs


  1. hakeeeeeeeeeeeeeeem and cleoooooooooo ummmm what a couple

    1. Hillary,Hakeem was looking 4 Publicity n Cleo told Nelly how she felt 4him.she was even playing little Romance wt Oneal B4 Feza came.

    2. Is true! Assuming Feza didn't come somtin should hav happened btw Cleo n Oneal.Even d 9t the where in Jacuzzi til morning playing n rubing each odas foot.It was dat Witch Natasha dat spoilt d whole action dat startd. I wantd to stab natasha dat day.All des rships are Fake!

  2. feza and Ony are dating man and its called silent date kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  3. hahahahahahahhah feza don't allow you pussy to be sucked just romancw

  4. I like Feza and Oneal more, their relationship seems mature and romantic! there is beautiful chemistry there! i also like Feza's boldness!

  5. I'm sooooo lovin Feza n Oneals relaxionxip,dey hv such a strng conexion dey kip me glued to d screen.Feza ur so butiful n sexy ooooh mama mia santa maria.Way to go gal.