Sunday, June 16, 2013

Feature: When Selly Says Go!

For the second time in Selly's reign as Head of House, she has struck it lucky.

Nothing is worse than putting up a fellow Housemate for possible Eviction as HoH and they survive the chop. This week we saw the stern leading lady making a well-calculated decision to Save Tswana hottie Oneal and put up the reserved Neyll in his stead, which led to his Eviction tonight.

The Ghanaian madam's first strike was when she Saved Biguesas from possible Eviction in Week two and Replaced him with South Africa's Koketso who bade the show goodbye alongside her love-interest LK4.

Clearly the serial HoH has her strategy in order. What with deciding to get rid of Neyll on Friday evening after the Ruby House won the Airtel Arena Challenge? If the Housemates had been following, they would have guessed that Neyll was the one in danger this week.

Selly whisked Neyll back to his original House, Diamond with Maria and welcomed Fatima and Feza into her abode. There was no way she was going to relive the shame and shock she experienced when Koketso was Evicted from the same lounge. Knowing that Neyll was safely tuck in the Diamond House, the confident Selly stood up and declared to the Housemates that she had Saved Oneal and put Neyll in his place.

That was easier than it was last week so, let's see how far Selly's luck will last in the game - she's been HoH twice, won the Power of No and now this.

Could Selly's luck have run out or is this just the beginning?

By Lindiwe Nkonyane



  2. Sure her turn is coming

  3. when Selly say go ou she mean it, wish she will also go and will be v v v happy

  4. Huuu she is hates Pokello for nothing

  5. She is just a fucking bicth..all d housemate shuld nominate her for possible eviction..she will leave dis week..

  6. She's a smart player. U cant see Her Games.... Mates in Ruby house re great, so she needs weaker mates for possible eviction since She is no longer HoH.

  7. shame on you.Selly is going no where.guys think.shes the only one really playing the game.