Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Feature: Who's Trying To Steal Biggie's Cash?

What if you had the power to deny some Housemates the right to Nominate? Imagine if Africa could decide who will Nominate, and who will not.

Well, Biggie may be full of surprises, but this is not one of them. We are simply realising that some Housemates are allowed an incredible responsibility, but they actually don’t really feature much in the actual Chase.

We’ve noticed the way some of the Housemates have been relaxed and just living in the shadows of other Housemates since they entered the House. Though good looks and an attractive physique gets Africa watching, it takes more than that to keep Africa interested.

There are Housemates that have really been on an extended holiday in the House. These are the Housemates that never take part in conversations, never cook, never crack jokes or never excel in the weekly Tasks. We asked ourselves, “why are they still in the House again?” In past Seasons of Big Brother Africa, we have seen Housemates slithering through to the top five just because they stayed in their lane.

Of course we don't expect Housemates to be all over the place and all over everyone else's business, but a bit of excitement here and there would be nice. Perhaps this is their strategy but we say they want to steal Big Brother's money.

Imagine the ultimate winner being a Housemate that has never won Head of House or even made an effort to? Or one that has never had a conversation longer than five minutes with anyone in the House, someone that deals in one word answers? Don't you think that would be a perfect ‘African Job’?

In yesterday's Nominations it became clear that the Housemates are still making their decisions based on sentiment and emotions. Natasha got a third slap in the Eviction row and she didn't take this kindly at all while Bolt has been shielded twice but this time, Annabel wouldn't even consider Saving him. Will Natasha and Bolt survive the fourth Evictions?

For the Tswana duo of Motamma and Oneal, it was a case of double trouble. How did both House sheriffs decide on going for them in the Save and Replace? Are we due for a repeat of last week's shock where both of Angola's Housemates were Evicted on the same day?

How about Betty, Nando and Elikem? Are they already halfway on their trip back home? It's anyone's guess but all we know is that all the Nominated Housemates have that x-factor and an equal chance to make it through the coming Evictions. Their Housemates want them out but Africa still wants to see them in The Chase.

This takes us back to the issue at hand, which Housemates need to step on the gas and up their game lest we deny them the right to Nominate?

By Lindiwe Nkonyane


  1. Angelo,Cleo,Hakeem,Bimp,pokelo,Bolt,Betty n Delish! These are all des Eating Food n watching themselves in d Mirrow.Even Sulu is more entertaining dan them.

  2. Most of them are just useless in the house. For me only Selly, natasha oneil and fatima are actually trying hard. All the rest are there to sleep and eat

  3. Oneal, really? Please what is so entertaining about Oneal. Big Brother spends good cash to organise a weekend party, and Oneal just sits and look

  4. to me Natasha, and sulu are the really one there the lest are too fake for my liking