Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Feature: Would You Be A Ruby Or A Diamond?

Is being a Ruby more fun than being a Diamond? With all its drama, gossip and controversy, the Ruby inhabitants really have a way of making their own fun. According to, red is the color of extremes. "It’s the color of passionate love, seduction, violence, danger, anger, and adventure" and you can find all this and more in the Ruby House.

Judging from the interest shown by some of the Diamonds in joining the Ruby House, it’s evident that they envy the Rubies. Ghanaian Housemate Elikem couldn’t wait to be whisked from the Diamond to the Ruby House. It could have been because of the tension that had potential of brewing between Feza and Fatima or maybe he had his eyes set on the sleek Pokello? Where else would the Ghanaian stud enjoy a threesome though? Last night Elikem was sandwiched by Pokello and Selly in bed as they dozed off the chilly winter night.

Afro man Nando has also made it no secret that he yearns to be relocated to the Ruby House. Remember how Evicted Ugandan Housemate Denzel also said he felt at home once his then HoH Feza moved him to the Ruby House and so did South African dancer Angelo.

What is it really about the Ruby House that attracts the guys so much? Does the House have hotter girls? Or is the vibe more chilled than in Diamond?

Biguesas had his reservations though. He said he would rather be in the Diamond House any day. During one of his Diary sessions, the Angolan Housemate didn’t mince his words when Biggie asked him how he felt about his transition. He cited gossip, backstabbing and tension to be some of the reasons he felt uneasy in the Ruby House. Beverly said she doesn’t really care which House she was in but she naturally missed some of her friends from the Ruby House. Reminiscing to her Ruby days, the Nigerian model was on fire – those dance moves!

Well, Hakeem almost had a fit when he was swapped to the Diamond House and that was for obvious reasons. His ladylove Cleo was staying behind, so it’s safe to say that Hakeem is good anywhere as long as Cleo is beside him.

With the likes of comics Sulu and Natasha who never run out of jokes and Housemates like creative Bassey and Oneal who make the best out of any boring situation, the Rubies are definitely having the time of their lives.

Does any of this mean it’s more fun to be a Ruby than a Diamond? Which House would you fit into and why?

By Lindiwe Nkonyane


  1. Diomond house been popin crazy....y is that pp's r against S.A *F* yoll yeah Angelo till 91 day..

  2. Biggie Diamond isn't d best name 4dat House cos it looks like Primary school domentary.Rubys is more matured 4dis kind of game.Plz join them together.Diamond isn't worth it

  3. Anywhere Beverly and Melvin are then dats my choice.
    I love u guys

  4. Ruby d hv plenty drama n gossip, diamonds are reserved homely mostly ladies n baby ladies bt diamonds d hv old women who hv dirty linens to expose like Natasha selly pokelo mtchew