Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cuteness Overlóad

Hakeem and Cleo have some serious competition in the cuteness department. This evening it was almost unbearable how cute Feza and Oneal were together as they spent some quality time in the bedroom. The pair, who both had elephant animal headgear on, sat on opposite beds touching trunks; like two courting elephant calves. Aww, how adorable!

The pair chatted with each other about trust. The Tanzanian assured her new love interest that she has complete faith in him as a person. The pair also talked about what has attracted them to each other. “Most guys try too hard but you don’t, that’s why I like you,” Feza said.

But despite the Ruby twosome spending a lot of time together and clearly having great chemistry together; they have yet to make things official between them. Come on you two, what’s the hold up?

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By Lihle Jacobs


  1. sweet o'neal to stay

  2. Very romantic. I real like them and they are the reason for me to watch the Chase. All the best Oneal and Feza.