Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Flashback: One Month Down, Two To Go!

It’s Day 30 of The Chase and so much has happened. Do you still remember who the original Rubies and Diamonds are? Who were Evicted and the hook ups and break ups? We break it down for you week by week:

Week 1

Head of House: Feza in Diamond and Beverly in Ruby
Save and Replace: During the first ever Nominations Show, Feza opted to save Elikem and put Betty in his stead while Beverly saved Bassey and replaced him with Natasha
First kiss: Selly blessed viewers by breaking the ice and going on a kissing spree during a game of spin-the-bottle. She kissed Biguesas, Melvin and Sulu.
Hook ups: Bolt and Betty hit it off almost immediately. By Day 2, the couple was already joined at the hip. LK4 couldn’t really decide between Koketso and Beverly, which almost got nasty.
Airtel Arena Showdown: Diamonds won
The House Swap: Diamond HoH Feza kicked out Neyll and Denzel and welcomed Hakeem and Melvin into her House.
Most Romantic Gesture: Hakeem asking Cleo on a date
Evictions: Uganda’s Denzel and Kenya’s Huddah became the first pair to be booted out of The Chase.

Week 2

HoH: Diamond – Betty, Ruby – Selly
Save and Replace: Betty saves her man Bolt and puts Feza up, let’s just say she was returning the favour. Selly saved Biguesas and sacrificed Koketso.
Love: LK4 and Koketso became an official couple and so did Cleo and Hakeem even though they were in different Houses
Rendezvous Room: Cleo and Hakeem were reunited and they shared their first kiss.
Airtel Arena Showdown: Rubies triumphed
House Swap: Ruby HoH Selly fishes for Elikem and Angelo from Diamond and gets rid of Biguesas and Beverly
Most Romantic Gesture: Kokesto feeding LK4 strawberries and cream
Evictions: Lovers Koketso and LK4. This meant that Uganda was officially out of The Chase.

Week 3

HoH: Diamond – Melvin, Ruby – Selly won again.
Save and Replace: Melvin saved Bolt and butchered Annabel while Selly saved Oneal for Neyll.
Hook ups: Pokello and Elikem get close. Diamond newbie Beverly claims that Betty’s Bolt is hitting on her. Feza is heartbroken over Elikem’s House Swap. Sulu and Selly are getting really close and Angelo is circling Maria.
Day 16: Selly gets her first Strike for pouring a drink on Pokello during the past Saturday Party. She apologises to Pokello and to Africa.
Airtel Arena Showdown: Rubies snatch it again
Rendezvous Room: Ruby HoH Selly boots out Maria and Neyll to Diamond and welcomes Feza and Fatima into Ruby
Rendezvous Room: Biguesas dates Natasha and Cleo takes her man Hakeem
Most Romantic Gesture: Hakeem bringing Cleo gifts to the Rendezvous Room
Evictions: Angolans Biguesas and Neyll walk away from The Chase.

Week 4

HoH: Diamond – Annabel, Ruby – Bassey
Save and Replace: Bassey saves Pokello for Oneal and Annabel saves herself and does the unthinkable by sparing Melvin, who put her up in Week 3, and replacing herself with Motamma. Unlucky week for Botswana indeed.
Hook ups: Fatima and Elikem start bathing together. Feza and Oneal are getting serious
House Swap: Annabel says bye to Bolt and Betty and invites Selly and Cleo to the Diamond House. Cleo and Hakeem are finally together again. Selly is ready for Nando who has been eyeing her.
Rendezvous Room: Selly asked Nando to join her while Maria went for Selly. Double date for the feisty Ghanaian.
Most Romantic Gesture: Will it be Elikem serving Pokello breakfast in bed or Bimp piggybacking Beverly?
Evictions: Motamma and Betty become the seventh and eight Housemates to leave The Chase.

As we enter another month, the Housemates know each other better and are getting more comfortable with each other. This means more drama, more enemies and more friendships. How do you think the game will turn out moving forward?

By Lindiwe Nkonyane

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  1. Cleo and hakeem!!!...much sed "thee bst couple in the 2 cribz"