Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Follow The Rules!

Obeying Big Brother’s rules and regulations is a very important part of being in the House.

Housemates who failed to do so in the past have had to learn their lessons the hard way and in some extreme cases disobedience has let to Housemates being disqualified from the game. It is now only the second week since The Chasers entered the Ruby and Diamond Houses but already Biggie has had to give them a stern talking to about the breaking of rules.

Today it became apparent that Biggie has grown tired of having to constantly having to remind the Housemates to adhere to the most basic of rules such as keeping their microphones on. As a way of getting them to remember to keep in line, Biggie threw the question, “Tell Big Brother just how important are rule and regulations in the House,” at them during their Diary sessions this evening.

This reminder from Big Brother looks to set Housemates back on the right path as all of them agreed that rules are necessary and promised to follow them to the letter from now on. Let’s hope that the these Housemates have really learned their lesson for real for their own sakes.

Video: Rules and regulations

By Lihle Jacobs

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