Sunday, June 23, 2013

Getting Dolled Up For Eviction

As a treat, Biggie always gives Housemates that have been nominated for Eviction a chance to have their looks altered for the better by calling in professional barbers and hairstylists. Surely Biggie wants their last few hours in the game to be memorable and they should look good for their appearance on the TV screen.

Elikem just had a touch up on his moustache while Motamma patiently waited for her weave to be attended to. We hope it turns out stunning and it compliments your nice features. We are still waiting to see how Betty will look.

Annabel, who was not Nominated, got a much needed weave attached to her head which was an acceptable upgrade to her natural look and a receding hairline. She ought to thank Biggie and the hairstylist for her magic touch.

Big man Bolt kept it simple with his bald head, all the barber had to do was shave the little that was there off. This would count as Bolt’s second free haircut as he’s been nominated for Evictions twice before. Lucky bugger gets free haircuts and still gets to stay in The Chase.

Selly was right there with her newly found man Nando, wearing his body warmer while he had his hair combed and dyed. Talk about moral support. Seemingly Selly is determined to make this relationship work and being by her man’s side as he gets ready to be possibly Evicted is the first step. Every moment counts Selly, use this time wisely.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana

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