Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Going Down Memory Lane

It’s been almost a month on The Chase and a few of our Diamonds sat in the lounge reminiscing of times gone by. It’s unbelievable how close most of them have become, much like the family they portray on a daily basis.

Motamma was sharing how much she used to just laugh at Biggie in her first few Diary Sessions while Annabel told them about how she had to master the first few days in the House. She told her fellow Housemates that alcohol really helped because it helped amplify who she was already. Even Betty had drunken stories to share, much to everyone’s amusement.

They were also making fun of some of the Housemates who had initially come into the House as non-drinkers only to find that they drank like fish. Of course this conversation was had while some were drinking beer hence they were so animated.

Funny man Nando was at his peak as the ladies were tripping over themselves in laughter as he was narrating his own tales of arrival in Biggie’s House. He said that he had noticed that some Housemates were playing ‘innocent’ when it came to alcohol intake and now everyone was free enough to show their true colours.

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By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. Zim les vote for pokello and hakeem !we all behind you guys mk us proud

  2. Sorry Thammy luv! They aren't entertaining.Tell them to stop being too proud cos they aren't better dan odas even Sulu.Biggie said all should wear der animal head but Pokelo will never cos of her curly hair dat she only use gel on. (The are full of themselves)And dis shouldn't cos frm Zim.If its sA or Nija we can accept cos zim is still under des 2.A word of advice.luv frm RSA

  3. We can stil manage hakeem, but for madam pokello she must go home... Its a matter of time though. Poor thammy naija stil rule dear. C gobe on the 91st day when melvin will be coming home with the mulla