Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hakeem and Dillish Make Peace

On the corridors of the Diamond House, a truce was reached by two long standing frenemies, Hakeem and the lovely Dillish. They had come to a consensus that pointed out that their beef was rather one overstated by their fellow Chasemates and neither one of them knew where it stemmed from.

Dillish admitted that she was rather bleak as to why Hakeem didn’t like her, from the moment they met they had no gotten along but Hakeem had once admitted to Biggie that he probably doesn’t get along with her because they are the same. When Hakeem came into the Diamond House, he said that he could talk to everybody except Dillish and that was odd because they didn’t know one another.

“Motamma said I should just let you be because you might be going through some stuff,” Dillish had said in her defense. But she was also taken aback by the fact that they never clicked. “I don’t hate you or anything but I just try to avoid you so there can be no conflict between the two of us,” she added sincerely.

Hakeem understood where she was coming from so he simply said “People always exaggerate and they make it out like we have beef. I don’t really get it and I don’t want to be the next Bolt.” By that he meant that Bolt was seen as a bad mannered trouble maker and didn’t consider anybody’s feelings but his own and so he didn’t want to be perceived in that light.

Their session ended with a short hug and a few words where Dillish wished him good luck for tonight’s Eviction show, to which Hakeem assured her that they won’t be going anywhere. Could he be right? Are they going to escape Eviction and remain in the House?

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. That is a good one!!!

  2. thy are not goin anywhr:) bolt and annabel out

  3. Bolt and Annabel are going, you're safe for now.

  4. I love this and Zim people shd educate their people on the importants os LOVE they bear grudges as POkelo claim so much