Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hakeem Might Be Losing It

Being in the Chase can prove very hard and some Chasemates tend to lose their manners, tempers as well as their mind. This was no different with Zimbabwean stud Hakeem who sat outside talking to himself and wondering how he will make it through The Chase.

With a cigarette in hand, Hakeem started talking to himself early this morning trying to figure out what he’s really doing in Biggie’s House. The young Zim model was at a crossroads as he realized that he cannot really trust anyone because everyone is here for the USD 300 000, so they will say and do anything to come out tops. Even Cleo, his girlfriend, could not be trusted because she’s playing the same game.

As he was in this bubble of thoughts, he kept giggling to himself and uttering things like ‘I’m talking to myself, well maybe I should talk to myself because I’m the only one I can trust. I must be going crazy.’ Clearly Hakeem is slowly finding out the challenges of being in a game such as Biggie’s and he’s not liking what he’s experiencing.

The questions is: Is what he and Cleo worth the effort already invested or is it part of the greater scheme of things? Because the way Hakeem was questioning everything, he could have easily been questioning his relationship with the Zambian hottie as well.

Could this be the start of a changed Hakeem? If so, how will this change his current game?

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. Hakeem is tooooooooooooooo late 4d change if u have a second chance come sunday! U said cleo is strategy 4u to deceive ue hsemates as d will tink ur only der 4Cleo's Love.Alwayz gossipin,laughtin @ peoples english as a professor u are dat havn been to school,ganging up against delish n others,destroys Cleo's zeel to play d chase even as she told u let do dis outside BBA n u refuesd now ur taking rubish

  2. Is he ok at all.