Friday, June 21, 2013

Have The Diamonds' Standards Dropped?

There seems to be a bad habit of not up keeping personal hygiene among the women of the Diamond House. In the beginning of The Chase, the ladies were always dolled up in their stylish clothes and always looking proper for the day ahead.

These days it seems the Diamond honeys are no longer motivated to look prim and proper for either the cameras or their male Housemates.

Ever since Biggie gave the Housemates personalized body warmers to keep warm, that is all they wear every day. The only time they make an attempt at their appearance is on a Saturday before Party Zone. This is rather disappointing because we enjoy watching the ladies all made up and ready to impress.

Now that Selly has joined the Diamonds, we are curious to see whether she will fall under the same habits or will continue her ‘cleanliness’ routine as she did in the Ruby House.

It’s understandable that there’s nothing much to do or dress up for in the House but we’d really like to see the beautiful ladies we saw at the beginning of The Chase. Otherwise what will the men be chasing for? Bring back your game girls.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. Selly will follow suit.Worse she will do Nando big time not the other way round. She looks like the men eater!

  2. The girls in diamonds no longeer keep clean at all shaa!

  3. Selly will Finish that Nando hehehe!

  4. Bev ha gone more ugly now,is it diamonds house?

  5. Nando is in soup 'cos Selly is d'sexiest in d'huz

  6. Jeez glad Koki never had to go to Diamonds, its a real hostel what's going on there??