Friday, June 21, 2013

HoH: Nando and Feza To Rule

All hail king Nando and her majesty Feza, the new rulers of the Big Brother kingdom.

Pretty boy Nando will be getting a chance to fill his grown man shoes on Monday when he takes the helm from current HoH Annabel. The always playful Diamond dude proved to be serious competition for his fellow Housemates in today’s HoH Task.

The Task saw the Housemates partaking in a game of darts. The Housemates had to stand on a marked spot in front of the dartboard and take turns one by one to throw a dart on the board. The Chasemate with the dart that is the closest to the bull’s eye is the one that was crowned Big Bro emperor.

Over in the Ruby House, lady luck smiled upon Feza once again. The Tanzanian already had a taste of the HoH power while she was in the Diamond House and thanks to good fortune she now is set to be the first Chasemate to rule in both Houses.

What do you think of the new Heads of House? Will it be a case of the second time being the charm for Feza? Will goofy Nando get it together to become a great leader?

By Lihle Jacobs


  1. Nando is an unserious fellow,let's c how it goes if he survives eviction com sunday!Hoh may change him anyway.As 4feza,she may get natasha,bassy,fatima ,cleo or even sulu.but she know d game wella.

  2. FEZA i dont like her way of doing things she gives an eye for an eye to some housemate idirectly oops Nando is a good guy lets wait and see.

  3. I lov everythin about FEZA n I knw she's gona do a g8 JOB again *blowin100Kisses# 4 Nando! I lyk him but m not sure whether he's gona excel in being HoH, aniways let us w8 4 next week.

  4. As d game is unpreditable so are d housemates!Nando may change but wt dis drunken character,shaking my head.No hope period cos he lik arguing n doest listen.

  5. O neal n feza, sup wif u 2. Kissin n laughin lik nufin is happenin.hmm, let's c wat happens. Nando, I quote: I m a virgin. U used same slans 4 dillish nw selly. Do change dt strategy, its nt workin.