Sunday, June 09, 2013

How Africa Voted - Week 2

Here is how Africa voted this week (9 June 2013) – We say goodbye to LK4 (Uganda) and Koketso (South Africa).

Here's who which country voted for:

Angola: Koketso
Botswana: Hakeem
Ghana: Feza
Kenya: Hakeem
Ethiopia: Dillish
Malawi: Hakeem
Namibia: Dillish
Nigeria: Dillish
South Africa: Koketso
Sierra Leone: Feza
Tanzania: Feza
Uganda: LK4
Zambia: Hakeem
Zimbabwe: Hakeem
Rest of Africa: Hakeem

Total: Hakeem = 6; Feza = 3; Dillish =3, Koketso = 2, LK4 = 1. (Total: 15 Votes)

Weekly Winners:
DStv Walka : Yvonne Sampson - Namibia
Uhuru Tablet: Tumi Maila -South Africa
HD PVR Winner: Theofridah Christian - Tanzania


  1. Accepted Biggi!

  2. Phuck dis is so wrong I hate ds game

  3. Nyc though I kept voting 4 Hakeem n ‎​m Nigerian.

  4. am so happy that Lk4 and koketso r out and thrilled that my true african brother z stl n e game w our angel Dillish.thank u africa 4 ur love and supot u gvn our zim bra Hakeem,i thank u and salute u al

  5. Why is a country voting 1 person? Why South Africa votes Koketso only even though some people voted for other nominated contested.....the game is manupulated

  6. rosina mavimbelaJun 9, 2013, 9:58:00 PM

    Its not nice for our girl to leave biggy u said the was for love so what happend to 2 people that love each other

  7. I also voted for feza y south africa is nt shown for feza mxm,I dnt know hw u do this votin biggie bt is borin and nt fair!

  8. Leave the prince alone, the guy has got all the swag. I loved him and the ladies adored him and that hurt people's ego. They wished and dreamt to be like him and alas they couldn't.

    For Koketso, I love you but you don't have to frawn over being played since you said once that your relationship with LK is was a game.

  9. Thy only show the contestant who was voted more in tht country,not tht othrs we're not voted ther. Now koketso got most votes in SA and ANGOLA. Clear?

  10. Fake flirting game plan has costed LK4 n Kokosto!!

  11. Biggy must count number of votes nt numbr of countries hu voted,,dis is nt fair,,dis game is nt fair at all..

  12. Thank god koketso and lk4 is out that nigga luk scary

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