Sunday, June 16, 2013

How To Poo In The House

Have you ever wondered to yourself: “Hey self what would it be like to have to spend 91 days pooping with cameras around”?

Well wonder no more because tonight some of the Housemates decided to school Africa once and for all about the art of defection inside of the Big Brother House.

“At home you usually wipe and then check the toilet paper and then you fold it in half and then wipe again. But here I don’t even check,” shared Maria as the Housemates were all gathered in the kitchen for a late dinner. “I am afraid to even wipe from the back, I just wipe from the front,” the Namibian added. “You just gotta do what you gotta do,” her friend Dillish chipped in.

Eew, talk about TMI (Too Much Information)! Come on girls that is not the kind of conversation a lady should ever have more especially not at the dinner table.

There have been a lot of weird and wacky conversations in the Big Brother House over the years but this one surely makes the grade as one of the wackiest. What do you think about the zany things that Housemates talk about? Funny or filthy?

Video: Dirty Diamonds

By Lihle Jacobs


  1. Eew!!!!! Maria ,noooo!!!!! Yack!

  2. Maria is loosing control seriously

  3. Wat hav she done?is it beta to watch hakeem watching himsef on a mirrow all day? Or Nando talking I wana bang bang? Or Bolt wt his bossy nature?or montama dressing up 4ages?or Bimp wt his quite nature? Plz Free d girl 4kipping it real.

  4. i love maria n dillish a lot..keeping it real

  5. she is being real