Friday, June 21, 2013

Hunky Hakeem's Sexy Moves

With all of the whining and sulking Hakeem does in the House, it sometimes starts to overshadow his good looks.

But today the young Zimbabwean took to the Diamond House living room to showcase his sexy moves and remind Africa just how fine he really can be. The pretty model turned the living room into his own personal dance floor as he dropped it down low and worked those toned abs of his and winded his hips while staring at himself in the mirror. Hot diggity dayum he sure does know how to work it. No wonder Cleo keeps coming back for more.

Clearly the Diamond dude is in a much better mood today than he was in last night when he gave Dillish a verbal lashing. Hopefully the twosome has patched things between them as no one wants to see matters turn ugly between the pretty pair.

As for his raunchy moves, what do you think? Hot or Not?

Video: Wind it up

By Lihle Jacobs


  1. Hot. He is an eyecandy. Can't stop day dreaming bout his sexy abs. Whew Cleo is one lucky woman

  2. Hot moves hakeem

  3. His alwayz seeking attention n has only 2dances steps n dats doesn't make him a good dancer.watching himsef on mirror n sleeping dats wat he does well.As 4her n delish;his looking 4touble n he shall find it.

    1. the guy go swag. Let hm look himself in the mirror. I guess u r stressed that when u look at the mirror yourself u r not too pleased with what you see. Guess his has better stuff to offer so stop hating the young man for nothing. As for his dance moves, at least he has something to showcase

    2. He has swag?Shame!!!Dude is brainless,not mannered and childish + he's too arrogant for his type!!!!Disrespectng women is th number one stupidity!!!!!! To hell wth his wack attitudes!!!!He has nothng to offer to offer in th house,let th truth b said!!!!!!

  4. Hahahaha hakeem is knows how to play the game wow