Sunday, June 23, 2013

'I Want To Smash It Every Day' - Nando

Nando spent a better part of the evening whispering sweet nothings in Selly's ear.

Selly blushed beet red when Nando decided to add a little colour to her life. While everyone in the House struggled to come to terms with Motamma and Betty's Evictions, Nando was on a sexy mission of his own.

As he and Selly sat on the couch, Nando decided to fetch a blanket to ensure he and his lady love get a bit of privacy. With only their heads peeking out of the blanket, Nando turned on the charm and told Selly just how much he wants her. "I want to smash it every day. I want to make love to you in every way. Let's go upstairs", he whispered, as Selly bit her thumb and played with her hair.

Selly didn't make any attempts to stop the raunchy word play and seemed to be enjoying every moment of it immensely. "I can make you cry", she purred back as Nando smiled mischievously. When Nando let her know that he's been around, has had the very best and can drive her crazy, Selly craftily steered the conversation back to when they started developing feelings for one another.

Nando is clearly a persuasive guy and the chemistry between the two is apparent.

Do you think these two make a cute couple?

Video: Flirting up a storm
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By Ngeti Dlamini


  1. Jos read all d comments on dis peeps understand posts b4 d comment or d jos look @ d pix n comment? Its too bad.Selly hav neva misbehavd.she is jos playin along,lastd 9t she was pretendin to play wt hakeem bcos hakeem don't lik her(cleo was der n she joking said selly leav my man,hakeem was enjoyn d act)Selly n Nando:she is playin along cos of nominatns n swap,trust me selly wants melvin n dats y she supriced all d hsemates n wore a big trouser n a long sleve top on her dat wt nando.see selly paying a shy woman since she enterd diamond house.Plz giv her credit cos she is d Chase! Lov u Melvin cont wat ur doing.Ur my best. Lerato SA

  2. They made luv last night..Selly n Nando...fingering,head and stuff

  3. AGG why is this foolish boy Nando applouded for being a dirty player?? I find him very disrepectful to women and I lost respect for Africa for DOUBLE STANDARDS!!!

  4. Fotsek Nando go play wt your small p###.You think our sisters are toys fool!!!!

  5. Selly and Nando there is no difference.this is not we looking for.nando must live as well as selly...this is inappropriate