Thursday, June 13, 2013

I Will Wait For Maria

Angelo has taken quite a liking to Namibian model Maria but faces one major challenge. His crush has made it clear to him that she has “a wonderful man, an awesome man that I love very much.”

Despite being placed firmly in the friend-zone, Angelo is confident that their union is only a matter of time. “I like Maria, I have no other interests…or distractions,” Angelo says, laughing.

This morning the pair spent hours learning dance moves that saw many intimate moments and plenty laughter. [Watch the video below]

Fans online have expressed mixed feelings about the dancing couple:

Patie Gao Mmolawa: Maria is lonely, if she stays in the House for long she will cheat.

Estell Green: They just like each others’ company that’s all!

Khanyisile Madonsela: These 2 Angelo and Maria they forcing them self on each other.

Oneh Nunu Moswang: Maria made it clear that she likes Angelo as a friend and she doesn’t look like the kind of gal to go back on her word. Don’t’ be misled by actions, but Angelo has it bad for that girl. I feel sorry 4 him..sheem

Mae Mink: It's going to be fun watching Maria fall for him. Angelo is a hottie, all the girls in Ruby House fancy him for his tats and guns LOL

@SkinnySwank - so loving the connection between angelo and maria #Bbathechase #Team angelo

@Putsbabe - I like the way Angelo is not giving up on Maria #Bbathechase

@malemelanolo - #BBATheChase Come on Angelo,You're too old for

Angelo told Biggie that although he likes the girl, he’ll take it easy and won’t force matters. And in the meantime, he hopes there won’t be anyone to distract him from this mission.

But the South African Housemate has no plan to wait indefinitely. “I can only wait so long, after all I am only human,” says Angelo.

Only time will tell how close the two will get. For now viewers at home can it back and enjoy more fancy footwork.

By Qhakaza Mthembu


  1. hehe, this is getting interesting

  2. Angelo should stop deceving this girl. Pokello to the top

  3. Мария очень красивая что вы там говорите ха! Что за Покелло она не похожа на женщину, ненавижу женщин без волос

  4. Maria go girl, use Angelo 4 the money