Saturday, June 01, 2013

Is Natasha That Into Biguesas?

It looks like NatashaBiguesas. Lying in her bed, with Biguesas sitting beside her, the Malawian Housemate told him that The Chase was all about romance and he had to step it up. “I’m telling you this because I really like you”, she confessed.

Natasha termed the romance “a strategy to stay longer in the game”; making reference to past Big Brother Africa winners, but there could just be more to this.

She added that even Africa was expecting love and romance from The Chase and they (Housemates) had to give it to them.

It wasn’t long before she hinted that there must have been a reason why she had selected his smile. out of the rest of the Housemates during the Live Launch Show, which led to them meeting for the first time and eventually walking into the Ruby House.

The Angolan lad just sat there listening to Natasha’s advice before they both started dissing Cleo for her reaction to Melvin’s swap to the Diamond House.

According to Natasha, Cleo should have at least shown some emotion after Diamond Head of House Feza fished him from Ruby to her House as part of her perks as HoH.
Natasha and Biguesas managed to keep straight faces when Cleo made an impromptu entrance into the bedroom.

Video: Whispers!

Does The Chase have some kind of professionals here?

By Lindiwe Nkonyane

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