Thursday, June 13, 2013

Koketso Coming To Uganda On Friday - LK4

Way before the South African Airways touched base; LK4’s family, friends and teammates had converged to welcome him back from representing Uganda in this season of Big Brother.

Unlike the team that was at the airport to welcome also recently evicted housemate Denzel last Wednesday, this one was rowdy and playful.

Clad in an orange African shirt and black pants, LK4 didn’t try to hide his excitement at seeing his people and hugged each of them taking the excitement a notch higher. What heightened the excitement though was when he said that South Africa’s Koketso was coming into the country this Friday.

“Yeah men, shez coming here men…” he went on and on! Chanting and getting the boys even more excited, LK4 managed to paralyze arrivals at the airport. Shortly, he was whisked off to Phase 2 within Entebbe for the press conference.

Upon arrival, the public relations officer Multichoice Uganda Tina Wamala said that the quality of Uganda’s Big Brother representatives this season can’t be questioned because it was the best! She said that even though Uganda had been evicted, the housemates that were sent made their mark.

When he was given the spot to talk, he again started chanting, “Uganda…Uganda…wassuup!” he shouted when asked to address. In a more interesting note, he thanked his girlfriend Cynthia for her counsel and said that he wouldn’t have gone to the house if it wasn’t for her counsel.

When asked about the nature of his relationship with South Africa’s Koketso and whether it was an act for the screen, he said that it was a strategy to have South Africa, but it changed.

He said that his feelings for Koketso are real, and that she is a strong and beautiful woman, we shall definitely explore that option.

Also when asked about his Love triangle in the house with Nigeria’s Beverly and South Africa’s Koketso, he said that he too worries that women will be the death of him! However, he maintained that the media should know that not everything they saw was real!

By Caroline Ariba / New Vision


  1. ay ds lkdick is confused...cynthia,baby mama,beverly and our koketso whtsaap dude...make up ur mind and stop fooling with these ladies feelings idiot.prince se voet

  2. Lk4 stop deceiving yourself and grow up.Pokello to stay

  3. Koketso baibe, you are welcome to Uganda! We can't wait to have you here:-D

  4. Foolish man with no clear vision and ambition. Mtcheeeeew!

  5. Lk4 & koketso dey r so cute 2gether dey will b a gud couple eva.

  6. Baverly did not likeLK4, not to talk of loving him, she was just playing her own game. That was her strategy

  7. And she got them out of the game, most pple felt bad for the way Baverly was treated, that was why they waged war against them to leave d BBA house, our next target is Natasha, she was part of the drama. Natasha i can't wait to c u goooooooooooo

  8. If u like cry blood u must leave d house, come Sunday. Manupulator

  9. Lk4 and Koketso will only last if lk is serious about her and makes up his mind u both I'm a big fan of yol ...big up uganda and SA ((SA citizen))