Sunday, June 09, 2013

Live Show: The Start Of Something Genuine?

Kicking off the Live Show this week was Kenyan stunner and rapper Victoria Kimani with her song ‘Mtoto’ that got the crowd going crazy. The crowd especially enjoyed her dancers who seemed to be twerking in the background.

We all know that there are currently two Houses on The Chase, the Ruby and Diamond Houses. Tonight, Biggie introduced a fake House called the Emerald as a ploy to trick the current Housemates into thinking that there is a third House with new Housemates. You can imagine the confusion The Chasers are going to experience, the questions they’ll be asking themselves and how their game might change because of this Emerald House. Biggie is such a trickster.

When IK asked the Ruby HoH Selly who she had chosen to replace Biguesas, she had a tough time saying the name of the woman she had thrown under the bus, which was Koketso. It’s still unclear why she chose Koketso to be evicted, did she have it in for her or did she genuinely feel she was a threat? Either way she got rid of her.

Koketso and her lover, LK4 sat, side-by-side on the red couch on stage as they took a look at the events that took place in the House they were part of. Although they hadn’t showed much emotion, you could see that they will miss their fellow Housemates as the insert showed the happy times they all shared. Together they walked off stage, hand-in-hand, as they looked forward to life on the outside again. This could possibly be the beginning of something genuine for the pair. Good luck you two.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. Biggie ur eviction shows are now boring! One Artist who does dat!

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