Monday, June 24, 2013

Live Update - Day 29

18:48 - The Rubies are still engrossed in their card game.

17:50 - Bassey relates to Sulu how his Diary session went. "I said we don't know how this thing with Nando started," Bassey says about Selly and Nando's relationship.

17:05 - "Nominations are about eliminating the competition but people attach emotions," Oneal

16:00 - The Rubies; Angelo, Sulu, Bolt, Bassey and Feza play a game of cards just for fun.

15:45 - "I believe in team 'we' and I told Cleo that she should be prepared for anything," Hakeem tells Biggie after being asked how he would deal with being Nominated with Cleo.

15:17 - Melvin reminds Biggie that his birthday is on Friday and all he asks for is to get a barber to "nice me up so I can look good"

15:00 - "I used to have this little emotion for Bimp but I didn't push it at all," Beverly says.

14:50 - Selly is wearing Nando's Tanzania t-shirt during her Diary session. She says she had fun in the Rendezvous Room with Maria but it got a bit boring.

14:35 - Dillish says she can't wait for the Rubies to visit her House after her visit to the Ruby House on Saturday. "We'll clean up and get it ready for them," she says.

14:30 - Diary sessions: "I wouldn't like to be Nominated but it would be humbling to be Saved by Africa," Bimp

14:20 - Diary sessions: Annabel tells Biggie that she felt a bit under the weather yesterday when IK put her on the spot about Motamma's Eviction.

14:03 - The Housemates are excited to receive their weekly shopping.

13:58 - Selly says being in the House is far different from what she has watched on TV.

12:33 - For some reason, the Diamonds are taking a nap almost all at once.

12:24 - "I love Nando," Selly tells Melvin as they chat in the bedroom.

11:42 - "He has made me glad, He has made me glad," Natasha sings in the garden as she does her laundry.

10:47 - Natasha is under scrutiny for her love for cleaning. The Rubies think it's her strategy.

10: 40 - Diamond Nomination Results:
Annabel & Dillish - 4
Hakeem & Nando - 3
Selly & Maria - 2
Bimp & Beverly - 1
Melvin & Cleo - 0

10: 30 - Diamond Nominations:
Dillish - Hakeem & Selly
Melvin - Nando & Bimp
Beverly - Annabel & Selly
Selly - Annabel & Dillish
Bimp - Maria & Annabel
Hakeem - Dillish & Annabel
Maria - Hakeem & Nando
Annabel - Hakeem & Beverly
Cleo - Dillish & Nando
Nando - Maria & Dillish

10:00 - Ruby Nomination Results:
Natasha & Sulu - 4
Bolt - 3
Pokello & Elikem - 2
Oneal, Feza, Bassey, Fatima & Angelo - 1

09: 55  - Ruby Nominations:
Feza - Pokello & Natasha
Angelo - Elikem & Natasha
Fatima - Pokello & Oneal
Natasha - Elikem & Bolt
Oneal - Sulu & Bassey
Bolt - Sulu & Natasha
Sulu - Bolt & Fatima
Pokello - Bolt & Sulu
Elikem - Sulu & Natasha
Bassey - Feza & Angelo

09: 36 - “She (Pokello) does and says things to provoke me,” said Feza as she Nominated the Zimbabwean for Eviction. The Tanzanian Head of House also Nominated Natasha for “being bossy”.

09: 25 - Diamond dames Cleo and Maria woke up early this morning to get a head start on all of the House chores. In just a short while the Housemates will have to decide whose heads they want to put on the Eviction chopping block during Nominations. Who will be put up for Eviction this week?

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  1. feza is jus used to getting all the attention n its not going down so well wth her that guys r so into Pokello

  2. Feza is just jealous.....Hakeem is such a baby, hating Delish for no reason.lazy Hakeem

  3. Rubies leave outspoken mama natasha alone pliz

  4. Feza feel threatened buy Pokello and Natasha because she definitely lost attention from housemates since she came t the Rubies.

  5. Natasha m nt sure u a goin to be lucky ds time around except HOH saves u ........

  6. Natasha again.....i think i like her

  7. Feza still want Elikem. Hakeem must leave the house before Dillish, he's so irritating.

  8. annabel and elikem ur save and melvin my boy happy birthday frm francy nig

  9. Natasha's gone, I must say I was shocked.I expected it to be selly and Annabel but all the same its all good. Pokello you are getting fatter and fatter by the daytake it easy ooo