Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Live Updates: Day 10

18:01 - Bolt is the first to try out the Rowing Machine. He's a mean machine!

17:58 – Betty announces Ruby House’s new Task.

17:00 – It's now time for the Diamond House Diary Sessions. Lets hear what is on their minds.

16:20 – Maria says she is yet to see Selly’s leadership abilities as Head of House. “Even when people break the rules, Madame is quiet,” she says.

15:56 - Koketso tells Biggie that she is not in the game for a relationship. "This is not Bold and the Beautiful," she said. Is she stringing LK4 along? Is this all part of her game plan?

15:24 – Pokello tells Biggie that it would have been a problem if she was paired up with Sulu because “he talks too much and it takes too much energy to be around him”. She is happy to have Beverly and Bassey as her partners.

15:00 – Selly says she thinks Beverly and Bassey, and, LK4 and Koketso will have the best photo shoot this week.

14:40 – “Men is this House are so emotional.” - Oneal

14:25 – Sulu is first up in the Diary Room today. He says the day's Task is not difficult because he gets along well with Natasha.

14:05 – Selly wants to sleep while her partner, Neyll, wants to jump into the shower. Biggie’s rules say they have to be in the same room. How will they resolve it?

13:40 – Elikem tells Fatima he is worried he might be going home this Sunday. “But at least I wouldn't be the first to leave,” he consoles himself. She tells him not to worry. “Malawi will vote for you, they’ll say ‘Let’s vote for Fatima’s friend,’” she laughs.

13:20 – Bolt and Betty share a very intimate moment in their bed while others catch a nap.

13:05 – Fatima’s glasses have been sent in for repairs. She says it is quite frustrating not being able to wear them.

12:30 – Housemates have selected the partners they have to spend all their time with this week. They joke about what will happen when one of them has to go to the toilet or take a shower. This should be interesting.

12:00 – The Ruby Housemates select their partners for this week’s Task.

11:45 – While the Diamond Housemates are up and buzzing with activity, Ruby House is off to a slow start with some Contestants still fast asleep.

11:29 – Bolt and Betty are in the kitchen preparing lunch. Betty says: “I don’t like cooking, but I can do it.

11:00 – Housemates have five minutes before their Task for the day begins.

10:50 – Diamond Head of House, Betty, reads today’s Task out to her Housemates.

10:45 - Biggie orders all Housemates to close the front door and remain indoors until further notice. He then calls the Head of House to the Diary Room.

10:38 – Feza, Motamma and Melvin are all in the Diamond House kitchen preparing breakfast.

09:50 – Even though the Fitness Task is over, Angelo gets on the treadmill for a run. “I have to, while these machines are still here,” he says.

09:20 – “Can I get a broom please? So I can sweep someone off their feet.” – Angelo.
“Who are you trying to sweep off their feet? Me?” – Dillish.

09:00 - The Diamond Housemates work together to clean their House at the beginning of Day 10.


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