Thursday, June 06, 2013

Live Updates: Day 11

18:08 - Fatima confesses to Biggie that she and Elikem are just having fun together, that there is nothing going on...or so she thinks.

17:46 - Annabel says there's nothing to tell about her relationship with Angelo.

17:42 - Annabel feels like Angelo is a bit too close to her.

17:00 - Motamma says she acts different from all the other girls, and that's how she is playing The Chase.

16:39 - Feza says that she feels bad about Nominating Hakeem in this week's Nominations, since they've grown a bit closer this week.

16:29 - Romantic dinner ideas are varied, but it seems candle-lit dinners and flowers are a general winning formula.

16:00 - Diary Sessions are getting more and more personal as Biggie digs deep into the Housemates'business.

15:45 - Ruby Housemates are stuck in the same place. The Koketso, LK4 and Beverly triangle is still unresolved.

15:00 - In her Diary Session, Maria spills the beans on Ruby House love relationships.

15:00 - The Diamonds are singing their hearts out after the Task Biggie gave them. Love is definitely in the air.

14:20 - Diamond House is given their Task by Biggie.

13:00 - The Housemate's are still lip-and-polystyrene-locked. Biggie eventually calls off the Task.

12:15 - Ruby House is the first to receive Biggie's Task today. The trick is to find a balance of the lips.

11:00 - LK4 is helping Koketso with her daily make-up application...move over RuPaul!

10:00 - Both the Rubies and the Diamonds are feeling the gravity of this week's fitness task. This morning exercise was a strain on all the Housemates.


  1. Maria focus on your life and leave Koki alone!

  2. If Koki wanted to be left alone she wouldn't hv come 4 BBA 8.

  3. Keep hoping Maria maybe they'll break up and you can celebrate!

  4. I am currently watching LK and Koki's videos thanks BBA!

  5. LK4 iz a player so Koketso watch out?

  6. LK4 iz a player so Koketso watch out?

  7. Maria is saying the truth, Koketso is fooling herself