Friday, June 07, 2013

Live Updates: Day 12

19:34 - The swapped Housemates are settling in well in their new pads.

19:20 - It's time for the Swapped Housemates to leave their respective Houses.

18:50 - It's final, Selly wants Elikem and Angelo to join Ruby House while Beverly and Biguesas can excuse the Rubies.

18:42 - As HoH, Selly is given the power to send two Housemates to Diamond and invite two Diamonds to the Ruby House.

18:20 - Melvin is the Diamond Head of House for next week.

18:08 - Melvin and Feza tie in the HoH challenge as they both guess that the number of balls is 60, which is closest to the correct quantity. Biggie decides to break the tie.

18:00 - The Diamonds start their HoH Task. They have to guess the number of multi-coloured balls in a transparent canister.

16:40 - Rubies win the Airtel Arena Showdown and start celebrating.

16:15 - It's a wet and wild competition in the Airtel Arena Showdown. Who will fill their canister with water first?

16:10 - Excitement and jubilation as the Rubies and Diamonds hook up in the Arena after a week.

15:50 - The Diamonds can't wait for Cleo to get to the Arena. Hakeem dances while his Housemates chant Cleo's name.

15:40 - The Diamonds arrive in the Arena for the Airtel Showdown.

15:58 - Almost three hours into the challenge, Cleo is disqualified and Selly wins HoH for the second time.

14:35 - In the Diamond House Fatima takes some time out to stretch in preparation for the Airtel Showdown Arena, and Elikem includes himself in her stretches.

14:25 - In Ruby, the HoH Task goes on and Beverly decides to offer the ninja some pap and tea seeing as the challenge has been going on for almost two hours now.

14:11 - The Diamonds are getting ready for the call to go to the Airtel Showdown Arena.

13:50 - Koketso and Natasha are disqualified from the HoH Challenge for supporting themselves. Then there were two; Selly and Cleo.

13:47 - Pokello is disqualified from the HoH Challenge.

13:05 - Koketso soldiers on and shows no emotion when a pool of water splashes her from the overhead canister during the HoH challenge.

12:55 - The ladies rule the roost in Ruby; Natasha, Koketso, Cleo, Selly and Pokello are the only ones still standing in the fight for the HoH crown.

12:40 - Bassey, Neil, Oneal and LK4 are disqualified from the HoH Task. Big Brother reminds the remaining HoH contenders to keep their arms straight in this wet challenge.

12:30 - Biguesas is disqualified from the HoH challenge and he joins Beverly on the sidelines. Beverly was excluded from the challenge by the Power of No winner, Cleo.

12:15 - Selly reads the HoH Task brief to the Rubies. They have to get dressed to get wet.

11:50 - Cleo's beau, Hakeem wins the Power of No challenge in the Diamond House. He tells Biggie that he wants to exclude Dillish from vying for this week's HoH crown.

11:25 - Biggie announces that Cleo, as the winner of the Power of No Task, has chosen to exclude Beverly from this week's HoH challenge.

10:30 - Diamond HoH Betty reads the Power of No Task brief to the Diamonds. The winner will have the power to exclude one Housemate from running for HoH.

10:10 – Cleo to Maria “You’ve got vampire teeth. It’s like you file them”
“Anytime anybody needs some slaying, call me,” Maria responds

10:05 – Cleo is already worried about her Saturday date with Hakeem.

09:00 – It’s a slow start to Day 12 with many Housemates still fast asleep.

09:40 – Cleo says she dreamt of her daughter.


  1. Cleo my country girl plz don't jos start fight wt Nijaaa ooooooooh! Der Beverly n Melvin is there pride so don't mess wt dem!!

  2. Pls tell her 9ice advice.#teammelbev#proudly 9ja

  3. Haha tell her dear.
    TeamBeverly nd melvin all the way!

  4. Team 9ja. No retreat, no surrender.
    All d way 4 91days

  5. Cleo nd HAkeem all d way! Good match