Saturday, June 08, 2013

Live Updates: Day 13

19:20 - Cleo and Hakeem finally share a passionate kiss in the sexy Rendezvous Room.

18:34 - It's on! Cleo and Hakeem can't keep their eyes off each other on their special date. Cute!

18:13 - Cleo and Hakeem prepare for their tryst in the Rendezvous Room. Both Houses are abuzz with excitement.

17:30 - Fatima has a feeling Elikem will come back to the Ruby House next week.

15:20 - Housemates enjoy their Airtel picnic in the garden, as instructed by Biggie.

14:50 – Selly speaks of how hard her upbringing was and what a strong woman her mother has always been.

14:42 – The Rubies want Biggie to spoil them by buying a large amount of alcohol and he will see what he wants to see, they said.

14:30 – Sulu, Maria and Selly talk about women and their cellulite, Selly wants a tattoo over the cellulite on her arm.

13:08 – The Rubies have fun while they watch Natasha acts as Maria’s mother and Angelo as Maria’s love interest.

12:38 – Bolt admitted that he likes his women to carry themselves with integrity and understanding.

11:44 – A few Diamond Housemates discuss how they think Cleo and Hakeem’s date in the Rendevous Room will go tonight.

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