Sunday, June 09, 2013

Live Updates: Day 14

22:28 - "Last I counted my shoes, in 2011 I had 200 pairs" - Pokello.

22:00- Cleo joins the guys in the jacuzzi while the other girls chill in the House.

21:15 - Selly is battling with her Save & Replace decision and Natash tells her to just fear God.

20:37 - Koketso joins her lover on the Eviction boat and becomes the fourth Housemate to be Evicted from The Chase.

20:31 - "No one forgets the Housemate who wins and the one who left first," Huddah in her exit interview.

20:23 - Tears as LK4 becomes the third Housemate to be evicted from The Chase.

20:15 - "The Diamond House kinda held me back" - Denzel in his exit interview.

20:12 - The Housemates are shocked when Biggie pranks them that there's a third House (The Emerald House)

20:00 - Live from the Big Brother Africa stage, it's Big Brother The Chase Live Show headlined by the sexy Victoria Kimani from Kenya.

19:00 - The Ruby Housemates are already gathered in the lounge when Biggie announces that there's only an hour left to the Eviction Show.

17:00 - The Rubies are singing for their dinner. Everything is expressed in a song.

16:45 - It's dinner time in the Ruby House, LK4 leads them in prayer.

16:13 - Asked what she can't wait to see should she be evicted tonight, Dillish said "My family, my boyfriend, my cellphone and freedom"

16:05 - "It's dangerous to put your trust on people in the Big Brother Africa game" - Bolt.

15:49 - Biguesas tells Biggie that he's trying to be normal ahead of tonight's Evictions

15:45 - It's time for Eviction Diary sessions. Biguesas goes first

12:00 - It's shopping time

10:30 - The Evicted Housemates get their hair groomed


  1. hey u ,h was a fake that dude,i neva lykd hm w hs stupid american acscnt h only gt 1vote frm hs country Uganda,africa dd nt vote 4 hm so biggie cldn't kp hm n thr ,dnt watch e game f it sucks ok

  2. namatai sibanda zim zimJun 9, 2013, 9:55:00 PM

    hakeeeeeemmm w r rite bhnd u,am proud 2 b ur true african zim sista ,w luv u very happy 4 u dear.i knw it dr,ndafarisisa bhudhi hakeeeem