Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Live Updates - Day 16

18:28 - The Diamond girls are not convinced that Selly was just joking with Pokello at the Party. They say it was just malicious.

18:00 - Selly is charged with a One Strike Warning and Biggie says any Housemate whop gets three Strikes will be Disqualified.

17:55 - Selly is called into the Diary Room where she apologises to Pokello and to Africa for pouring a drink on her.

17:50 - Big Brother calls Housemates to the lounge for an important message then plays footage of Selly pouring a drink on Pokello at the Saturday Party.

16:20 - Bimp tells Biggie that he doesn't believe that the Emerald House exists.

16:00 - "The only person in a stable relationship is me because I'm with Cleo and she's with me," Hakeem tells Big Brother.

15:50 - Beverly tells Biggie that Bolt is still making advances at her. She ends her Diary session with a tribute to the late former Nigerian Housemate, Goldie.

15:40 - Biguesas cheers up when Biggie thanks him in his language before ending his Diary session "Obrigado," Biggie said.

15:00 - The Rubies start on the Art Task, Oneal takes the lead on this one. Biggie told them that their work will be judged by the other two Houses.

14:20 - Diary sessions commence with Motamma in the Diamond House and she says she's very chatty and chirpy today.

14:10 - Ghanaian Housemates Selly and Elikem whisper in each other's ears.

13:50 - "You smell good," Elikem tells Pokello before carrying her around the garden on his shoulders.

13:35 - The Diamond girls; Dillish, Feza and Motamma practice their dance routine as well while Beverly, Fatima and HoH Melvin watch from the couch.

12:50 - The Rubies take to a well choreographed dance routine courtesy of the talented Angelo.

12:42 - "I want four more boys" - Pokello. "I want six kids, three girls and three boys. I want my family to be like the Kardashians then my wife will go for a tummy tuck and breast implants," Bassey.

12:40 - The Rubies sit in the garden and express their concerns about the Emerald House. "I'm not buying this Emerald House thing," Pokello says.

12:20 - "When I leave Big Brother, the first country I want to visit is Ghana," Bassey chats with Sulu, Selly and Cleo in the garden.

11:25 - The Ruby House Wagers a confident 100 percent for this week's Task.

10:57 - Hakeem, Beverly, Biguesas and Bimp sit in the garden and try to make sense of the possibility of a third House in The Chase.

10:39 - A not so confident Melvin inform Biggie that his House Wagers 100 percent but when he leaves the Diary Room, the Diamonds convince their HoH that they can do this.

10:30 - Diamond HoH Melvin reads out this week's Task brief. It's an Inter-House Task and more than their Wager, they are told that they have to compete against the Ruby and Emerald House.

10:15 - Elikem admits to Maria that he actually found out in the Diamond House what "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" means and he felt stupid.

09:52 – Sulu says he hopes today’s Task will not involve water, “because it is cold”.

09:30 – Biggie announces: “Hot water is no longer available.”

09:20 – Cleo says she’s looking forward to her birthday this Friday. Elikem and Maria talk about how the House should celebrate it.

09:00 – Elikem tells Selly that they were all surprised when she did not bring Hakeem over to the Ruby House to join Cleo.

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