Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Live Updates - Day 17

20:00 - Fatima votes for Angelo as her crush on the Crush Wall.

19:30 - Natasha votes for Biguesas on the Crush Wall, following who most of the Rubies also voted for.

18:00 - Motamma told Biggie that she is not feeling well but she is very keen on being part of the baking Task.

17:30 - Fatima tells the rest of the Housemates that they cannot make the chocolate watery because it won't set on the cake.

17:15 – Biggie tries to get Feza to reveal who she was targeting in the Diamond House but she refuses to mention any names.

16:45 – Annabel kicks off the diamond House Diary Sessions.

16:25 – Selly reads the second step of the baking Task.

16:00 - Natasha tells Elikem to move back to his own bed tonight. They both turn to Pokello to ask if she wants him out her bed. She laughs.

15:45 – The Ruby House kitchen is buzzing with Elikem, Bassey and Sulu preparing lunch while Pokello, Natasha and Maria continue with the day’s baking Task.

15:00 – Sulu says he does not cook often but when he does, people love his food. He scores himself 9/10 for cooking but says he’s not much of a baker.

14:20 – Neyll kicks off today’s Diary Session.

14:00 – Bassey shows off his dance moves. Pokello says: “Hayi Bassey we are tired of you now, even your body parts get tired.”

13:40 – Pokello tells Sulu that the men in the House disrespect her. “I’m going to sort you out one by one, I started with Neyll last night,” she says.

13:35 – Biggie calls Angelo into the Diary Room.

13:10 – Pokello tells Elikem to go take a shower as he is the only Housemate who hasn’t. “This is not a good look for Ghana right now,” she says.

13:00 – Oneal tells the story behind his painting.

12:30 – Angelo, Bassey, Elikem and Pokello join Natasha in the baking of their cake.

11:50 – Natasha takes over the baking process in the Ruby House with help from Maria.

11:35 – Selly reads the baking Task to her Ruby Housemates.

11:30 – Diamond House gets baking. They are taking their lead from Fatima who seems to be the most experienced with baking.

11:05 – Melvin reads out today’s Task to the Diamond Housemates. It seems Biggie is in the mood for some cake.

10:55 – Pokello is adamant that she does not want to be called ‘baby’ by anyone. “I’m not your baby,” she tells Angelo and Elikem, “I’m a grown a** woman, don’t be babying me around.”

10:45 – Pokello tells Elikem to take better care of his skin. “Why should you have the skin of a village boy when you are a designer,” she asks.

10:15 – The winner of the Power of No Task in the Diamond House is Fatima.

10:05 – Melvin wakes the Diamond Housemates up for the reading of today’s Task. Not keen to get out of bed, they ask if the Task cannot be read in the bedroom.

10:00 – The winner of the Power of No Task is Selly.

09:55 – Selly reads out today’s Task to the Ruby Housemates. The buzzer goes off immediately and the Task begins.

09:45 – “A good percentage of people in my country don’t even know I can paint like this,” says Oneal who last painted years ago. “There is a lot of wasted talent in this continent,” says Sulu.

09:25 – Sulu and Elikem speak about how challenging the Painting Task is for them. “It would be nice if the Task was that one person paints and the rest give ideas,” said Elikem.

09:00 – Oneal works on an ‘RIP MJ’ painting while Angelo and Neyll watch on from the couch.

08:30 - Angelo, Neyll and Oneal wake up in a singing song. The guys sing love songs while perfecting their Art pieces in the lounge.

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