Thursday, June 13, 2013

Live Updates - Day 18

17:15 – Cleo receives the most crushes from the Diamond House for the second time. She choses Hakeem for yet another date in the Rendezvous Room.

17:10 – A very surprised Biguesas has received the most crushes from the Ruby House. He tells Biggie that he would like to take Natasha to the Rendezvous Room as Maria (his first choice) was not available.

17:05 – The Diamond House cake is coming along well. Biggie calls them all to gather in the lounge.

16:40 – Oneal and Angelo discuss the best way to create windows and doors to their Gingerbread House.

16:18 – Lunch is served in the Ruby House.

16:05 – Angelo, Natasha and Maria working on the walls of their Gingerbread House. "Lets go Tash, lets do this," says Angelo.

15:40 – Hakeem in convinced that he and Cleo would meet in the Rendezvous Room again this week. He says they’ll win because “we deserve it!” He went on to tell Biggie how much he loved her and how genuine their connection is.

15:30 – Beverly says she has love lines in her head for her poem tonight. She shares a short line with Biggie: “Entangled in your love like a slave.”

15:15 – Motamma says the Diamond House unity is beginning to crack. “This Task is revealing a lot of individualism but it’s good because it’s showing our true colours,” she says in her Diary Session.

15:00 – Feza tells Biggie that she is not feeling well. He suggests she channel those feelings into her poem as a source of release. “Thank you Biggie, you have really helped me,” she responds.

14:25 – Melvin requests a barber to come visit the Housemates. “Some of us are looking like animals Biggie. Look at me, I’m not looking good at all,” he says.

14:18 – Nando is the first from the Diamond House to have his Diary Session of the day.

14:10 – Melvin reads the instructions for the final stage of the Baking Task to his Housemates.

14:00 – Selly reads out the final stage of the Baking Task. It’s time to decorate their cake.

13:40 – Pokello says “I knew exactly what I wanted to say until I saw the board, it’s too small.” Maria sighs and says she doesn’t know what her poem will say.

13:27 – Natasha helps Selly comb her hair while sitting in the sun with Neyll and Cleo.

13:00 – Angelo tells Biggie that given the chance, he’d take Maria into the Rendezvous Room. “I’d take Maria, I don’t have any other attractions or distractions,” he says laughing.

12:20 – Cleo helps Bassey out with his poem.

12:10 – Bassey tells Biggie that he is confident in his Housemates’ Task Presentation tonight. “Rubies are rare and precious stones. We WILL come out tops,” he says.

12:00 - Cleo tells Biggie that she loves writing and is looking forward to tonight’s Task Presentation.

11:55 – Back in the Ruby House, Natasha, Angelo, Maria and Bassey work on the final stages of their cake ahead of tonight’s Presentation.

11:45 – Fatima and Motamma continue leading the House in their Baking Task as Beverley, Dillish and HoH Melvin entertain themselves with songs.

11:25 – Betty is very quite this morning, she has not said anything to her beau, Bolt, sitting right next to her.

11:05 – Fatima, Beverley, Betty, Bolt and Annabel work on the final steps of the Diamond House cake.

10:40 – Melvin has a difficult time waking his fellow Housemates up. He pulls a sleeping Hakeem out of his bed by his feet. Needless to say, Hakeem is far from impressed.

10:35 – Selly reads out today’s Task. Each Housemate has to write a poem for tonight’s Presentation and work on completing their cake.

10:30 – Selly takes a box out of the storeroom along with writing material. She wakes up Housemates to read the Task instructions.

10:20 – Biggie announces that the storeroom is now open. Bassey and Maria head over to see what is inside.

10:15 - Elikem boils pots of water for washing as there is no more hot water available in the House.

10:00 – Selly washes dishes as Maria and Angelo continue dancing.

09:45 – Angelo and Maria now add a chair as a prop for their dance routine. Sulu joins in with a dance move or two of his own.

09:20 – Angelo teaches Maria some dance moves. “Ahhhh this is so cool,” says an excited Maria. These two seem to be spending a lot of time together.

09:00 – Angelo and Maria chill together on the kitchen floor eating breakfast and teasing each other.

08:30 - Morning Exercise

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