Friday, June 14, 2013

Live Updates: Day 19

13:18 - The Rubies get geared up for the Arena games. Biggie has given them white work suits to wear.

12:50 - Bassey asks Selly and Maria if they think Dillish would be interested in him. 'Why don't girls in this House like me. Girls in Sierra Leone like me," he says.

12:45 - Biggie announces that Annabel and Nando have been excluded from today's Arena games.

12:30 - Diamond Housemates discuss who they should send to the Ruby House and which to Rubies they want to come over to their House.

12:00 - Bimp decides to give Feza some time out to calm down in the garden.

11:50 - The Diamonds talk about moving to the Ruby House and Feza takes offence when Bolt exposes her desire to move.

11:17 - Annabel snatches the yellow ball and she's next week's Diamond HoH.

11:11 - Fatima is called into the Diary Room to exercise her Power of No and she excludes Nando from the running towards being the next Diamond HoH.

10:55 - Fatima and Hakeem whisper to each other as they lay in bed then he speaks out that he wishes he was in the other House.

10:32 - Rubies start the HoH Task and Bassie retrieves the red ball within a split second.

10:25 - HoH Melvin reads out the HoH Task brief to the Diamonds. They will have to retrieve a yellow ball from the pool of balls.

10:10 - For the HoH Task, Rubies have to dive into a pool filled with coloured plastic balls in the garden and try and retrieve a red ball. Whoever finds the red ball will be next week's HoH.

10:05 - "Big I hope you told Hakeem it's my birthday" - Cleo says while she cleans the kitchen

09:55 - It turns out that Selly was just pulling their (Rubies) leg. Biggie has sent a special birthday message to Cleo and her triple-decker chocolate birthday cake awaits her in the Store Room.

09:50 - Selly gathers the Rubies into the lounge to read out a message from Biggie. She hints that the message doesn't look good.

09:00 - The Rubies wonder what Biggie will do for Cleo's birthday. They come up with all sorts of ideas but Cleo thinks Biggie will get her a cake.

08:30 - Birthday girl Cleo wakes up to housework while singing gospel music in the kitchen.


  1. nyiko dilika masingeJun 14, 2013, 1:19:00 PM

    cleo cleo cleo cleo cleo i lv u

  2. Happy Birth Day to Cleo.Africans love you

  3. Best wishes to cleo

  4. Biggie y didn't Ruby exclude someone frm der house? Dis game is Pure Rubish!

  5. happy b day cleo ,all the best