Saturday, June 15, 2013

Live Updates - Day 20

22:00 - It's Party time! The Rubies have started enjoying themselves in the Party Zone while the Diamonds are still on their way.

21:10 - The Ruby girls go for their little numbers while the guys dorn vests for tonight's Party.

21:00 - Pokello struts her stuff in the garden in her tight white and orange bandage dress while Angelo and Elikem's watch in admiration.

20:11 - Excitement as Biggie tells the Housemates that it's an hour before the Party.

17:45 - "I took a liking on you (outside the House)but you friend zoned me immediately and you even said you will hook me up with girls," Oneal to Feza

19:32 - The Diamonds clearly can't wait for tonight's Party. "Party, Party," Annabel chants.

19:10 - The dates are over; Natasha and Cleo exchange notes. They call Biggie an instigator

18:20 - Natasha and Biguesas slow dance in the Love Pad

17:30 - Cleo waits for her date Hakeem to pitch in the Love Pad

17:24 - Natasha is ready for her date with Biguesas in her pink dress.

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