Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Live Updates - Day 23

16:43 - The animals are supposed to be sexy and try and impress each other.

16:30 - Annabel says her Save and replace had nothing to do with her being put up last week but says she knows the game she's playing.

16:07 - "The HoH will Save herself of course. There's only one Jesus Christ," Beverly tells Biggie before adding that she's confident that Annabel didn't put her up.

15:55 - Melvin says he didn't want to be responsible for Annabel's exit from The Chase so he was happy that she didn't go even though it meant he could be up for Eviction.

15:47 - Motamma says she's not feeling safe from the Eviction row this week but hopes it's not her.

15:30 - Hakeem is almost certain that Annabel Saved herself and put up Melvin in her place in yesterday Nominations session.

15:20 - Maria says she was pleasantly surprised that the Diamonds didn't Nominating her considering that she's "the new guy"

14:46 - Feza says her paranoia in the Ruby House is setting her back in terms of her relationship with Oneal.

14:30 - Selly tells Biggie that she's never met anyone like Sulu and she totally loves him. She says Sulu tells him that he loves her very much but he hasn't proposed to her so she says perhaps Biggie needs to speak to him.

14:25 - Elikem tells Selly that there is no way Bassey could have put her up for possible Eviction because he likes Ghana.

14:05 - Being the only lion in Ruby, Fatima says she genuinely feels like eating everybody.

14:00 - Sulu calls himself a zebra during his Diary session when in fact he is a giraffe.

13:50 - Cleo looks forward to the day she and Hakeem will live in the same House. She says she gets advice from Oneal and Sulu but Oneal has been busy with Feza lately. Biggie offers her an ear.

13:42 - Bassey says if he could turn the tide, he would Save Natasha and would not put up Oneal because he's a cool guy and serious especially in Tasks.

13:40 - Bassey says he will pull all stops to ensure that Rubies win this week's Wager. He tells Biggie that he thinks he made a mistake in his Save and Replace and regrets his decision.

13:30 - "I knew I would always be a target when I got here because of my character," Pokello tells Biggie regarding Nominations. She says Bassey's presence of HoH is felt in the House.

13:10 - Diary sessions commence with Natasha in Ruby. She tells Biggie that she lost it last night. "I didn't know it was going to be this tough," she confesses

13:05 - Sulu seems to have sprained his ankle and Selly attempts to soothe it in the lounge.

12:30 - "Biggie the animals want to go hibernate," Annabel shouts from the garden as the animals groom each other.

12:10 - The Task narrator instructs the animals to go to the watering hole and there's howling, barking and playing around.

12:00 - Feza explains the meaning of her name to Oneal. "Feza means money or wealth," she tells Oneal who can't stop laughing.

11:50 - Oneal massages Feza's feet while singing love songs as they chill in the garden. The two are elephants in this week's Task.

11:40 - Pokello restyles her animal scarf to reveal her behind "her money-maker"

11:25 - Diamonds also go 100 percent in this week's Task. The Housemates have to wear animal hats at all times and create a character for the animal they select.

11:15 - Diamond HoH Annabel chuckles as she reads this week's Task. "Grooming and going to the waterhole will all be part of this Task," she reads. The Diamonds start making animal sounds.

10:50 - Bassey receives the Task brief from Big Brother. Do and act like an animal of your choice. "Go into the watering hole and run wild in this week's Task," the brief reads. Housemates are tipped to release their inner animal. Bassey asks to be the dog before they agree to a 100 percent Wager.

10:35 - Fatima tells Elikem about yesterday's Diary session. "I felt like Biggie was holding my hand," she says.

10:25 - The Rubies reminisce about music of the 90s - Keith Sweat, Pink, Immature, 3T

10:14 - Natasha wakes up on a high and reminds Sulu about how he kept looking for Selly last night.

10:10 - "I'm not religious, I have a way of life," Cleo tells a stunned Sulu. "You don't go to church?" Sulu quizzes her.

09:50 - Sulu convinces Feza that he has lost weight due to the constant training in the House. He lifts his t-shirt to show off his stomach.

09:45 - Feza is surprised that Rubies don't bother with the morning exercises. She tells Sulu, Oneal and Bassey that everyone trains in Diamond. Sulu is shocked.

09:30 - Sulu and Elikem are dancing vigorously in the lounge.

09:10 - The Rubies are up and HoH Bassey shares the bathroom with Oneal this morning. Bassey Saved Pokello and put Oneal up for possible Eviction in last night's Nominations.

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  1. I tink mama tasha should stop her drama already,has she 4goten how she nominated Bassey n Beverly Repeatdly 4getn d fact dt what goes around comes around.take it or leave it ur going home come sunday

  2. Bassey, you're just a FOOL!!!

  3. everyone is voting for hakkeeeeeeeeem why not you

    1. Who is everyone? I hate arrogant fellows.see dis 4 can never get my Votes:Bolt,Hakeem,Dilish n Pokelo.They behav as if they where drone down frm heaven.mtchewwwwwwwwww lazy tinz!Gosh!!!

  4. Oneal u rock, I beg leave bassey alone u haters

  5. I think Angelo is a fag,always holding Bassey!!!