Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Live Updates: Day 24

18:55 - The narrator says; "elephants are peaceful animals and when they speak, they speak slowly" so elephant Wildmates Feza and Oneal have to speak slowly.

18:45 - Natasha tells a Malawian story about mistaking a protective net (Malaria) for protection against pregnancy.

18:30 - Selly and Cleo have a heart to heart in the garden.

18:12 - Sulu, Angelo and Bassey sing their thoughts out loud. "Please bring Dillish," Sulu sings.

18:00 - Something seems to be on Feza's mind and Oneal wants to know but she says she wants to think.

17:30 - "Beverly, what task did you give me now? I don't like touching chilli," Dillish says as she chops green chilli.

17:15 – Motamma and Beverly prepare dinner for the Diamond House.

16:40 – Melvin is confident that his House will win their 100% Wager this week.

16:20 – Dillish and Maria tell Melvin not to tell them to “shut up” because it is rude but he says he is older and can say anything to “small girls”.

16:00 - Hakeem brushes his hair and beard before entering the Diary Room. Biggie reprimands him saying: "When Big Brother calls you to the Diary Room, you must come immediately."

15:45 – Maria says although the Housemates were asked to vote for Cleo on the Crush Wall, she didn’t. “I didn’t vote for Cleo coz I’m not impressed with Hakeem right now,” she says. She goes on to say if Angelo picks her for a date in the Rendezvous Room, she’d say ‘no’.

15:35 – Bimp says today’s treat from Biggie satisfied his hunger for fun.

15:05 – Now it’s time for the Diamond House Diary Sessions. Beverly is first up today.

15:00 – For the next Task, Housemates are to groom each other’s hands, hair and feet until they all purr with pride.

14:45 – Biggie tells Bassey that he has a follow-up Task for the Housemates.

14:30 – Cleo says the bounce in her step is because she’s enjoying being 24 years old. “It’s a new year, new challenges, new blessings,” she tells Biggie in her Diary Session.

13:55 – After expressing regret about his Save and Replace yesterday, Bassey tells Biggie that he feels Sunday is haunting him, he is not looking forward to this week’s Eviction.

13:20 – Pokello is very annoyed with this week’s Task. She tells Biggie that the wildlife Task is “impractical, childish and not enjoyable”.

13:05 – Feza says she is enjoying the BBA Wildlife Task. “We are having a fun time and it’s been easier to bond with other Housemates,” she tells Biggie.

12:50 – Selly kicks off the Diary Sessions for the Ruby House.

12:15 – Diamond HoH, Annabel, calls all the Housemates to the lounge to read out this week’s Task.

12:00 - The Ruby House animals dig into the treats. It's not easy with their hands behind their backs. "I respect dogs from today on," says one of the Housemates as Bassey starts barking.

11:50 - Bassey reads out today's Task to his Housemates. Biggie has left bowls of treats for each Housemate in the garden. The only trick is, they will have to kneel and put their hands behind their backs while eating.

11:30 – Selly gets the most crushes from the Diamond House. This is how the Housemates voted;
Melvin – Cleo and Selly
Nando – Selly and Pokello
Bolt – Selly
Bimp – Selly and Cleo
Annabel – Selly and Cleo
Maria – Selly
Betty – Cleo and Selly
Dillish – Cleo and Selly
Hakeem – Selly and Cleo
Beverley – Cleo and Selly
Motamma – Cleo and Selly

11:00 – It looks like the Ruby Housemates are going to make Angelo and Maria’s date possible. This is how they voted on the Crush Wall;
Sulu – Maria
Bassey – Maria
Oneal – Maria
Angelo – Maria
Selly – Melvin and Maria
Pokello – Nando
Natasha – Motamma
Cleo – Maria
Feza – Maria and Motamma
Fatima – Maria and Hakeem

10:50 – Sulu is first to select a Housemate on the crush wall. He selects Maria.

10:45 – Biggies tells all the animals in the House to howl and do a rain dance. Bassey calls all Housemates outside to join in the madness.

10:35 – Biggie narrates the next part of the Housemates’ Task. Fatima, the lion, has to chase the other animals around the House. She jumps on Sulu, the giraffe, first.

10:25 – Pokello tells Oneal that she really doesn’t like his pants. Oneal shakes his head and says: “Do you see where we are? We are in the Big Brother House. I can’t keep up with your swag.”

10:05 – Pokello helps Elikem apply lotion to his irritated skin. Oneal walks in and congratulates her for taking care of him. “You go girl, go Zimbabwe,” he says as he hugs her.

09:55 – Natasha tries to convince Oneal to join her in eating an orange with salt. He says: “No no no” and walks away.

09:50 – Maria is alone in the kitchen washing dishes from last night.

09:30 – Nando has his Housemates running around the House as he sings ‘follow the leader’.

09:20 – Bassey does his laundry as Sulu walks around the garden embodying his animal character for this week’s Task.

09:00 – Angelo sings RnB songs as Sulu, Bassey and Cleo get ready for the day.

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