Thursday, June 20, 2013

Live Updates: Day 25

19:15 - The Task Presentations starts! Are the Housemates winning their Wager this week?

17:54 - Pokello and Elikem are not happy that Oneal decided to ditch the final rehearsal. Is the Wager in danger?

17:20 - The Rubies dig deep for their wilderness story. So many actors, so little time.

17:10 – An unhappy Oneal decides to rather sleep on the couch than participate in the wilderness story preparation.

17:00 – Oneal and Angelo complain that they are cold but the rest of the Housemates insist on going over the play one more time before they go back into the House.

16:45 – The Houses continue to prepare their wilderness stories for tonight’s Task Presentation.

16:20 – Selly says she is looking forward to her date with Nando. “I’ve heard a lot of interesting things about him, I want to get to know him better,” she says.

16:00 – Sulu is not sure who Selly will be meeting up with in the Rendezvous Room. He says it will be problematic if her date is with Nando. “As a man, you have to be suspicious and protect, if not, before you know it, you’ll be hearing ad stories,” he tells Biggie.

15:30 – Angelo tells Biggie that he would like to talk to Maria “just to help me understand why she decided on that” (referring to her decision to take Selly to the Rendezvous Room instead of him).

15:20 – Fatima says she is embracing the characteristics of a wolf. She is being cunning today. “I’m letting people believe they are in control but in the end I get what I want,” she tells Biggie.

15:00 – Natasha asks Biggie for a few ingredients for a special meal she’d like to cook for her friends in the Ruby House. If she is sent home this Sunday, she wants Housemates to remember her by this meal.

14:50 – Bassey says if the Rubies win, he pans to send Cleo and Pokello to the Diamond House.

14:30 – The Diamond House chooses Dillish as the narrator of their wildlife story.

14:15 – Annabel reads the brief for tonight’s Task Presentation. All Housemates have to act out a wildlife story.

13:55 – Hakeem thanks Africa for keeping him in the House when he was up for Nomination.

13:30 - Annabel aspires to be a diplomat that will first study and then end up travelling the world.

13:10 - Maria said she thinks that she is a heartbreaker because she knows that Angelo will get hurt over the fact that she didn't choose to meet him in the Rendezvous Room.

12:55 - Dillish is annoyed with Hakeem for not being able to play the game for himself and always comparing his fellow Housemates to Cleo who is in the Ruby House.

12:40 - Betty tells Biggie that apart from Bolt, the only other person she trusts is Bimp because he's also from Ethiopia.

12:20 – Cleo and Bassey pretend they are on a blind date at a restaurant with Angelo as their waiter.

11:50 – Feza and Oneal speak about what would happen if they were voted out of the game. “I don’t want you to go, I’m not done with you yet,” says Feza.

11:35 – The Ruby Housemates react to the Crush Wall results. Sulu and Bassey are disappointed that after voting for Maria, she picked someone other than Angelo but Bassaey says, “you can not force someone to love you.”

11:20 – The guys in the Diamond House give Maria a hard time for not picking Angelo for the Rendezvous Room date.

10:56 – Selly got the most crushes from the Ruby House. She tells Biggie that she would like to meet Nando in the Rendezvous Room.

10:55 – Biggie announces that Maria has received the most crushes on the Crush Wall. She chooses to meet Selly in the Rendezvous Room and not Angelo as was expected.

10:50 – Biggie calls all Diamond Housemates into the lounge. They all wonder what it could be for.

10:45 – Breakfast time in the Diamond House.

10:20 – The buzzer goes off at the Ruby animals enter their courting mode after getting coloured feather boas from the storeroom.

10:15 – After struggling to wake people up, Annabel reads today’s Task Brief to her very sleepy Diamond Housemates.

10:10 – Bassey and Elikem read out today’s Task. It’s time for the animals in the Big Brother wilderness to start looking for their soul mates.

10:00 – Oneal brings yoghurt and two spoons for him and his lady, Feza.

09:45 – Oneal is also having a difficult time picking an outfit for the day after Feza told him not to be boring with track pants and a t-shirt. He settles for a blue shirt and jeans after much time in front of the mirror.

09:25 - Feza can't decide what to wear today. She has changed her outfit three times already.

09:00 – Elikem, Sulu and Oneal discuss the politics of the House Swap. Elikem figures if the Diamond House wins, “they will definitely take Fatima back and bring Hakeem here.”


  1. Feza ur a darling! Wat a boring boy wt a boring outfits.feza plz try harder cos his look neat dismrng!

  2. Maria told Selly to send her to Diamond house because of Melvin and now Melvin is not making any move.

  3. Why would maria choose Sally intead of Angelo.

  4. Oneal is dulling Faza.

  5. Maria did so bcos she doesn't lyk angelo propabilly it may be bcos of dat his hair