Friday, June 21, 2013

Live Updates: Day 26

23:00 - Selly and Nando get under the covers and whisper sweet nothings to each other.

22:30 - The dance floor is heating up in the Diamond House - the girls are shaking what their momma gave them.

22:10 - Selly gives her new Housemates a free show in the lounge. She's dancing up a storm already.

21:30 - Natasha and Fatima are the first in the lounge to watch Channel O when the TV switches on.

20:30 - The Diamond girls prepare a huge dinner.

20:14 - "If Bolt would go, Betty would be crushed," Dillish to Annabel and Motamma.

18:40 - Oneal and Feza aka the Oneal's have their first fight.

18:00 - Bassey comes bearing cake from the Storeroom in celebration of Angelo's birthday. It's chocolate cake time!

17:50 - "I'm single and ready to mingle," Bolt boldly responds to a question on his marital status.

17:40 - The Rubies introduce themselves formally and allow the newbies to have their say too.

17:25 - "I brought you cigarettes," Cleo tells Hakeem.

17:20 - Natasha plays good host to Betty - isolates her in the garden and offers her friendship and a cup of tea to seal the deal.

17:17 - Bolt and Betty get a warm welcome in the Ruby House, Elikem actually lifts Bolt in excitement.

17:10 - Sulu and Elikem discuss Selly's move to the Diamond House. "What will happen during the week with that guy Nando? If I come to Ghana, I won't be coming for a woman but for you my brother," Sulu.

17:00 - The Swapped Housemates say their goodbyes as they enter the Storeroom.

16:33 - Bolt is livid over Annabel's decision to get rid of him and Betty. "We didn't discuss that," Bolt tells Bimp as he gathers his belongings in the bedroom.

16:28 - Annabel eventually decides to throw Bolt and Betty out of the Diamond House.

16:25 - Annabel fails to make her decision on who to whisk to the Ruby House. Biggie calls her to the Diary Room.

16:20 - Annabel gathers the Diamonds in the lounge and tells them that she would like Selly and Cleo to move into Diamonds. Selly breaks down.

16:14 - Namibian girls, Dillish and Maria hang onto each other tightly ahead of Diamond HoH Annabel's announcement of the Swap.

15:50 - Hakeem is seen whispering to Annabel ahead of her House Swap.

15:40 - Big Brother calls Diamond HoH Annabel to the Diary Room and she takes her time.

15:09 - The Diamonds lift the flag high and shame the Rubies.

15:07 - The Rubies are disappointed when they push their Domino blocks only to get stuck in the middle. They have to start building again.

15:00 - The Diamonds seem to be trailing behind as Bimp tries to fix their Domino brick track.

14:55 - The Rubies start singing victory songs in support of their team mates.

14:50 - Oneal is the strategist for the Ruby team and can't help giving the team pointers.

14:35 - As soon as Diamonds get to the Arena, Selly and Melvin find a spot away from the maddening crowd.

14:25 - The Diamonds finally make way to the Arena

14:00 - The Rubies head out to the Arena to face off with their opponents

13:40 - Bassey reads out the Airtel Arena Showdown brief to the Rubies. A game of Domino blocks built to raise a flag. The first House to raise the flag wins the round.

13:35 - Selly and Sulu have been locked in each other for a while now...hmmm.

13:00 - Natasha shares with her fellow Housemates about the difference between loving someone and caring for them. "Let the bird fly Sulu." she adds.

12:45 - Sulu feels a bit sad about not bringing his wife onto The Chase. Although, he has strong feelings for Selly. Natasha re-assures him, that a match made in heaven will stand regardless of the circumstances.

12:30 - "Our men and our women are wanted." says Bimp. Ethiopians are seen as the 'fairer' nationality by Bimp and Nando.

11:48 - Diamond Housemates spend their morning mimicking beauty pageants and discussing health and wellness.

11:47 - Ruby Housemates decide to enjoy the South African sun today. Spread out in their Airtel blankets and sharing oranges in the garden.

11:30 - Our pretty boy, Nando, has won the Head of House Task this week. Diamond House will have an interesting sheriff in town.

11:19 - Feza wins Head of House again. As The Chase goes further, the HoH powers yield more and more weight.

11:10 - After Bassey reads the Head of House Task today, Feza almost get's a bull's eye.

10:30 - Angelo and Annabel are excluded form the Head of House Task today.

10:00 – Elikem turned the Ruby House bedroom into his own personal stage as he showcased his rap skills and showed off his smooth dance moves.

09:25 – “All I want for my birthday is an Arena win,” sang birthday boy Angelo ahead of Housemates’ Airtel Arena Showdown later today.

09:04 - Angelo and Sulu discussed which Housemates they think will be swapped in the House swap later today. "I think Selly will go to the Diamond House," Angelo prophesised. "I saw her talking too much to Melvin and Nando at the party. I think they discussed her moving," Sulu concurred.

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