Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Live Updates: Day 30

19:33 - While camping outside for their Survival Task the Rubies have been sharing stories and solving riddles.

19:05 - The Diamonds have been singing songs of praise merrily in the garden as they go about their Survival Task.

18:35 - Dillish is the winner of the Power of No Task in the Diamond House. We'll have to wait until Friday to find out who she will use her power against.

18: 20 - The Diamonds gave shout outs to their former Housemates as they enjoyed dinner together. "Shout out to LK4. Shout out to Motamma and Betty," they exclaimed to the cameras.

17:50: Bolt is the Ruby winner of this week's Power of No Task. He beat out the rest of the Rubies in a game of drawing sticks.

17:25 - "I had the most confusing childhood among my friends and it shaped who I am today," Oneal said. Growing up in a nuclear family then being whisked into an extended family riddled with late night raids during exams is what shaped who he is today.

17:13 - The Rubies reminisce about the time they had to lick ice cream off a bowl as Wildmates.

16:48: "I like it when you call my name, if you were a woman I would have banged you," Bolt after being called by Biggie to the Diary Room.

16:44 - "Whose socks are those? those are female socks," Pokello queries Elikem while grabbing the socks off him. Bassey defends him; "They are his sister's. They are Selly's."

16:30 - Feza says she still doesn't know how she survived being infected with a deadly disease even though she was 'playing with fire'

16:15 - Bassey remembers a time when he had to fend for his family after his father's death. He became the first member of his family to go through university.

16:02 - Being able to walk out of an abusive relationship of three years is what Pokello singles out as one challenge she survived. "I fight like a man when I have to. I'm a replica of my mom, my strength is genetic."

15:55 - Sulu says growing up in the 'ghetto' exposed him to bad habits and bad friends but through his mom's prayers, he got out of it.

15:20 - Dillish says she owes her life to her little brother who saved her and her family from a burning house when they were young.

14:57 - Bimp once lost all he had and had to stand up, dust himself and face the world regardless of his affluent family which he had abandoned at the time.

14:35 - Hakeem says he once had to be the head of his family; doing multiple jobs, working odd hours for his family's survival and it was during a tough time in his country.

14:00 - Survived being eaten by a snake, being eaten by a lion and being eaten by a crocodile, I don't even know which one to share," Nando declares. He then shares a page from his life a year ago when he overdosed on pills and landed not only in hospital but in police custody after the death of his parents.

13:57 - Cleo says she has been hustling since she moved out of home at 17; job hunting and just trying to survive on her own.

13:44 - Melvin is almost in tears when he tells Biggie that he was almost kidnapped by an unknown faceless man as a toddler and was saved by a young girl.

13:24 - Maria says she was almost raped a few years ago and managed to survive unhurt.

13:18 - Diary sessions start with Maria in Diamond today. "If Nando swapped me, that's also okay because I've been here five weeks," she says.

13:03 - "I love you Betty. I miss you big time," Bolt sends a shout out to his recently Evicted lady love out of the blue.

12:15 - The Rubies harmonise in the garden. Bolt, Bassey, Angelo and Feza show off their vocal skills.

12:05 - Hakeem shares testimonies from his church back home with Bimp, Beverly and Melvin. Bimp has his reservations and challenges some of Hakeem's stories.

12:00 - The Diamonds brave the cold and sit around the garden guarding the Book of Tales.

11:35 - The Diamonds go for a 100 percent Wager even after Biggie reminds the HoH that they lost last week's Wager.

11:23 - "Hey Angelo, you should get to know Pokello, you'll really love her," Elikem. "I already love her," Angelo responds in jest.

11:10 - Ruby HoH Feza confirms her House's 100 percent Wager. "I'll sleep on the book if I have to," Elikem said earlier when deciding on the Wager.

11:05 - Task Brief: Housemates go on a Haunted Camping Holiday; story telling, making food on fire and sleeping in tents.

The challenge: Protect the Book of Tales and count the invaders but act normal.

11:02 - Feza is ready to read out this week's Task brief to the Rubies. "Could we all just sit in the lounge please, please," the HoH demands.

10:35 - The Rubies sit down for their big breakfast treat.

09:53 - "We'll have a big breakfast then dinner," Fatima tells Oneal as she continues preparing the heavy breakfast.

09:30 - Bassey does a few press ups in his briefs in the kitchen punctuated by sleazy dance moves.

09:00 - Pokello and Elikem wake up together wondering about what Task Biggie has in store for them today. Meanwhile, a well polished Fatima is busy in the kitchen.

08:30 - Biggie wakes up to lots of love from Africa. Being Task day, what is in store for the Housemates this week?

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