Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Live Updates: Day 31

18:40 - Elikem tried to make peace with Pokello. Pokello is still seething with anger.

18:00 - Natasha is under covers with Bolt in the garden chatting about loneliness in the House.

17:45 - Pokello and Elikem have an argument and decided to give each other some space.

17:19 - The Diamond guys start smoking make-shift homemade cigarettes because they didn't get any this week.

16:50 - Cleo says conquering sleep in the mornings is her biggest challenge in the House.

16:37 - The Diamonds almost lose their Book to the invaders but the clothing rack next to the exit door distracts them just as they run off.

16:20 – Nando says the problem with Africa is that we are too negative in our thinking. “If there is a problem, we’ll talk about it from generation to generation,” he says.

16:00 – Fatima cools down in the kitchen after an altercation with Sulu in the garden.

15:40 – Dillish says her Housemates all agreed to give her a chance to go on a Rendezvous Room date as she is up for Nomination this week. “I can’t go without experiencing the Rendezvous Room,” she says.

15:20 – Selly tells Biggie that she is struggling to get through to Nando. “I don’t know what to do Biggie, I think I should just go back to the Ruby House and put it all behind me,” she says. She likes him and wants to get closer, but she is not looking for love, just a close friendship.

15:00 – Nando reads out the Task Brief. All Housemates are to light a fire while keeping score of how many intruders they see in or around the House.

14:55 – Feza calls all the Ruby Housemates down to the Lounge to hear what follow up Task Biggie has for them.

14:40 – Selly tells Maria that Angelo really likes him, she asks her to give him a chance. “I’m not giving anybody a chance. I don’t want,” says Maria.

14:30 – Bassey tells Biggie that he wants to write a book about his life to inspire others who are going through challenges in life.

14:00 - Sulu says he'd like to meet Selly in the Rendezvous Room. "I want her and me to make serious decisions so there are no hard feelings," he tells Biggie.

13:45 – Angelo says he does not think Sulu and Selly were in a relationship. “Sulu was in a relationship with Selly but Selly wasn’t in it,” he says.

13:30 – Fatima has an emotional Diary Session. Her fellow Housemates have confided in her and hearing real stories of people’s struggles has gotten “too much”for her. Biggie says he will call in a professional to speak to her.

13:15 – Oneal figures Selly will win today’s Crush Wall because “she has some unresolved issues to sort out with Sulu” who is now in the other House.

12:55 – Elikem kicks off today’s Ruby House Diary Sessions.

12:45 – Biggie orders all Housemates into the House.

12:20 – Two masked men walk through the Ruby House. Sulu runs downstairs to make sure the Book of Tales is protected.

12:10 – Maria says before coming to the Big Brother House, her and her boyfriend were going through a break-up that no-one back home knows about. “That’s why I couldn’t even tell Dillish because no-one knows,” she tells Bimp and Beverly.

12:00 – Beverly says even if she liked Bolt, she would never get with him. “I respect Betty, she is a fellow girl, I also know what it feels like to be in love,” she says.

11:50 – Beverly and Maria tell Bimp, Melvin and Neyll about the moves Bolt has made on them. Bimp is shocked and says he feels sad for Betty. “But why would he do that to her,” he asks.

11:45 – Selly sits quietly on her bed packing her bag.

11:30 - “Is it just me or does it feel like a Saturday?”- Bimp

11:15 – Bassey receives the most crushes from the Diamond House. This will be his first time in the Rendezvous room.

10:50 - Both Melvin and Maria vote for Bassey on the Crush Wall. Melvin also selects Feza.

10:40 - The Diamond Housemates are all still asleep outside in the garden.

10:20 – Crush Wall time! Sulu selects Selly and Dillish.

10:10 – Bolt says: “when you are in a relationship, you have better chances of surviving.” But Fatima doesn’t agree, she says establishing a relationship makes you predictable. “It’s better to keep the chase on, keep it exciting so you don’t become predictable,” she says.

10:00 – Elikem says Fatima is one of the boys and predicts that he will make it to the Top 5 along with Fatima, Bolt, Sulu and Feza. “But Feza is going astray, she’s being a girl now,” he says.

09:50 – Elikem tells Bolt that he is tired of Pokello constantly playing for the cameras. He says she only lets him get close to her when she feels it is too dark for the cameras to reveal what they are up to.

09:35 - Bolt, Sulu and Elikem discuss Sulu’s reaction to the Nando-and-Selly situation. Bolt says he has warned Nando to avoid aggravating Sulu. “I told him you would beat him,” he tells Sulu.

09:15 – Bolt, Sulu and Elikem speak about how far they have made it in the game. “We have come far, right now we just relax and let God take the wheel,” says Elikem.

09:00 – Elikem, Sulu, Angelo and Bolt discuss the embarrassment of losing last week's Arena Games.

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