Thursday, June 27, 2013

Live Updates - Day 32

18:35 - The Rubies decide that for their story, Fatima as the narrator has to remember everybody's names and she doesn't make any mistakes.

18:15 - Natasha is confident that the Rubies will impress Biggie and win their Wager tonight.

17:38 - In her Diary Session today, Natasha mentioned that she wanted to cook her 'last supper' kind of meal for the Housemates, and was worried that with the looming Evictions , she wouldn't have been able to. The Shoprite cooking Task has come at the perfect time.

17:28 - Angelo is very confident about his dessert, and the food that is being prepared by the Ruby Housemates.

17:00 - The Housemates are busy with their camp fire stories for tonight's Presentation. Oneal and Bolt have some very fascinating ideas about story line.

16:33 - Biggie has been asking the Housemates what their motto in life is. Bimp mentions that he doesn't have one specific motto, but it changes depending on what is happening in his life at that moment.

16:15 - Beverly has a lot on her mind in today's Diary Session. "Everything is in God's hand." she resolves.

15:50 - "Lead, follow, or get out of the way." says Maria. That's her motto in life.

15:40 - In his Diary Session today, Hakeem feels that Biggie should look at the amount of effort the Diamond Housemates have put in.

14:41 - The Diamonds speculate about the mysterious disappearance and return of the Book of Tales.

14: 23 - Diamond dame Maria has taken over the kitchen preparing a 3-course meal for tonight's Task Presentation. Hmm, do we have a master chef in the making in the House?

13:16 - Diamond Housemates just received their Shoprite ingredients and aprons. The ideas that are being thrown around the kitchen are very interesting. "So, what is our first course?" Melvin asks with a worried look on his face.

13:00 - Ruby Housemates get busy with the new Task right away. Hopefully the Shoprite aprons will help them put out their best plates tonight.

12:24 - Beverly shares with her fellow Housemates about the mysterious Book of Tales.

12:15 - Big Brother gives the Housemates in the Ruby and Diamond Houses a new Task that involves preparing a 3-course meal, courtesy of Shoprite.

12:12 - Beverly can't seem to get away from Bimp this morning. She muses in front of the mirror while Bimp combs his hair.

12:00 - Ruby Housemates enjoy the brunch prepared by Pokello and Bolt. Bassey admits that it's strange to see Bolt in the kitchen.

11:40 - Could there be something new between Pokello and Bolt this morning! They are preparing food together in the Ruby House, and sparks are flying.

11:18 - Diamond Housemates are feeling tired after last night's vigil.

11:01 - Selly was able to hear the talking fish out, and do as she was instructed. Well done Selly! There might just be hope for the Diamond wager after all.

10:50 - Selly is freaked out by the talking fish!

10: 19 - "If my man doesn't attract other women it becomes boring," Feza and Fatima confessed to the Ruby boys.

09:55 - "Today is Mommy Day. I woke up missing my mum," Feza declared.

09:51 - Bolt looked on in amazement as Elikem spends some time staring at himself in the outside windows and popping his pimples. "Elikem you will hurt yourself," the Sierra Leonean warned his buddy.

09:21 – Former Head of House Bassey tasked the Rubies with the cleaning duties of the day. Elikem was on window cleaning duty.

09:00 - Elikem spent the better part of the morning playing personal hairstylist for his lady love Pokello.

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