Friday, June 28, 2013

Live Updates: Day 33

17:30 - Pokello and Elikem discuss the issue of her House Swap. She still insists that Feza wanted to separate her from Elikem. Natasha walks in on them and asks Pokello to calm down.

17:18 - "She better pray I go home because if I don't home, she's in for it. I hold a grudge for life," Pokello tells Elikem.

17:14 - Pokello and Bassey are all packed and ready to make their way to the Diamond House. Pokello tells Elikem to take care of himself and says she knew Feza wanted her out.

16:55 - Feza says her heart tells her to bring Maria and Annabel from the Diamond House. From the Ruby House, she sends Bassey and Pokello.

16:45 - Bassey volunteers to go to the Diamond House just to ease Feza's frustration on who to send. He makes Elikem promise that he will bring him back next Friday though and he does.

16:39 – Sulu and Feza gossip about how Natasha used her high blood pressure to persuade Feza not to Swap her to the Diamond House. “How does she know it’s hot in there? Why did she even come here? She will sleep outside,” Sulu says laughing out loud.

16:11 - Feza consults with her man and he agrees to Maria moving over to Ruby but not Melvin.

16:02 - Sulu corners Feza about her House Swap decision. He tries to convince her to bring Hakeem and Cleo but Feza is not to keen on bringing another couple. "I want to bring two girls," Feza says.

16:00 -The Rubies sail through yet another Airtel Arena Showdown. They are ecstatic!

14:20 - Angelo tells Bassey that he should have told him that he wanted Maria.

14:15 - After Feza reads out the Airtel Arena Showdown challenge, the Ruby guys start strategising.

14:05 - Oneal accuses Feza of having feelings for her homeboy Nando as they sit in the garden away from everyone.

13:45 - Pokello comes down hard on Elikem, telling her to stop talking on her behalf because she can speak for herself.

13:34 - Natasha, Pokello and Oneal give Sulu some advice on how to move forward from the Strike.

13:30 - Selly contemplates dumping her date with Sulu after watching the video footage from last Saturday's Party.

13:15 - Big Brother calls the Housemates into the lounge and continues with issuing the two Strikes and warns Housemates to behave accordingly lest they forfeit their alcohol ration at the Party.

12:30 - Beverly shows Dillsh a few moves on how to 'shake that thang', which disturbs Melvin and Bimp slightly. This leads to a full on sex discussion.

12:05 - Melvin wins HoH in the Diamond House. The Diamonds start singing "Happy Birthday' to him as he turns 28 today.

11:50 - Elikem is next week's Ruby HoH.

11:46 - It's time for the HoH Task in the Ruby House. They are already popping the black balloons.

11:35 - Dillish exercises her Power of No on Hakeem and confirms that there are no surprises. "I' couldn't give it to myself so I give it to Hakeem."

11:27 - Bolt excludes Sulu from this week's HoH Task. "I have my reasons, we'll discuss it," he says.

11:00 - Sulu also gets his first Strike for how he treated Selly after the Channel O Party. This means; Nando, Sulu and Selly have two more Strikes and they will be booted out of The Chase.

10:56 - Nando has been issued with his first Strike and if he gets two more Strikes, he will be disqualified from the Big Brother House.

10:52 - Nando tells the Housemates that he always carries a knife and Big Brother quotes the Rule Book stating that; "a Housemate that poses danger to himself or fellow Housemates will receive a Strike."

10:50 - Sulu has been charged for forcing Selly to speak to him after the Channel O Party on Saturday; "Please don't beat me Sulu," Selly begged.

10:40 - Nando is called into the Diary Room to watch footage from Saturday night's Party

10:34 - Big Brother calls the Housemates to the lounge and tells them that there are two important issues from the past Saturday party that need to be addressed; one involves Nando and the other Sulu

10:20 - The Rubies give each other tips on weight loss. Bolt says he's on a mission to shed a few kilograms. "For breakfast I eat riace cake and tuna."

09:45 - Elikem treats Fatima to a well deserved hair cut. "I feel so good, like this therapy for me," Fatima says.

09:22 - Sulu says he wants to go on a date with Selly first then go for Dillish. Angelo advices him to just move in on Dillish to fish how far Selly has gone with Nando

09:00 - Sulu says he wants to move to the Diamond House if he survives this week's Eviction. Bolt says, "When you survive"

08:30 - Happy Birthday to Nigeria's boy, Melvin!


  1. God tank u 4expossin Selly today.her game strategy was jos expossed.Nando n sulu's gaga was bcos of selly.A disgrace to womanhood.flirtin frm one man to d is bimp!But Nando said his alwayz wt knife n he can't stop.Dats Ghetto life bro! Selly ur finished!Dog!

  2. HBD to MELVIN...the chase winner!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Melvin, God bless

  4. Happy Birth Day to our handsome boy Melvin

  5. why is Pokello feeling like she is unstoppable? Feza has the right to swapped who ever she likes. she could have made Natasha follow jare. Pokello is full of herself and she is so home bound this weekend

  6. This is becoming personal! Pokello is soooo pissed off. She probably knows that she is up for evection.

  7. Oneal is jus too insecure.he's scared of d nigerian dude

  8. Yes, that's Oneal for u

  9. Feza should bounce , Feza n Fatima are nothing but gossipers ,fatima want Pokello out to have Elikem who does nt give two fucks abt her n Feza is just jealous of pokello .

  10. Feza stop bullying Oneal. I hope u kick d bucket next week sunday .