Saturday, June 29, 2013

Live Updates - Day 34

18:40 - Selly tells Sulu he can't force her to love him.

18:06 - Sulu finally meets Selly in the Rendezvous for their sexy date.

17:15 - Sulu can't hold himself back any longer and bombards his date DIllish with questions about Selly.

16:45 - Beverly refuses a very persistent Bassey when their date nears an end.
15:44 - Sulu sat on the couch while Natasha did his hair, preparing him for his two dates later this afternoon.

14:45 - The Rubies are treated to a nice Airtel picnic in the garden as Natasha kicks off her Talk Show.

13:40 - Oneal tells the Ruby boys that he's not feeling up to Party Zone later this evening to which Bolt said he's going to get in the groove closer to the time.

12:47 - Angelo tells Oneal and Sulu that he feels so weird that Annabel and Maria are now in the Ruby House and he's moved rooms to avoid conflict.

11:45 - Bolt and Feza agree that after two weeks the House will be boring and therefore the Houses need to be merged.

10:45 - Sulu shares a story of a man who proposed a woman for seven years. His point was that people should not be weak, they should always be strong.


  1. Angelo move on wit ur u fink maria is in luv wit u?d ans is emphatic NO,guy u re not sexy enough for d swt namibia lad she's sooooo in luv wit melvin ad there re keepin it secret frm d hsmates.

  2. Amibo who told you that Melvin my virgin bros is in secret love As your point on Angelo you are right. Biggie pls tell Angelo to redo his hair so that he could get an admirer.