Monday, June 03, 2013

Live Updates: Day 8

20:30 - There you have it Africa; Koketso, LK4, Feza, Dillish and Hakeem are up for Eviction this Sunday.

20:12 - The majority of Ruby House Nominates Biguesas, while Diamonds are torn between Bolt and Hakeem.

20:00 - The live Nominations show will be crossing over into the Ruby and Diamond Houses shortly.

19: 23 - the live Nominations show will be starting on Africa Magic Entertainment at 19:30 (CAT).

18:52 - LK4 tells Biggie that his connection to Koketso started as a strategy but he's got deep feelings for her now.

18:36 - Excitement in the Diamond House as the Store Room is opened for them to collect their weekly shopping. "Alcohol," they shout.

16:30 - Ruby House Diary sessions are underway.

15:30 - Dillish asks Biggie for someone to give her a Brazilian wax during her Diary session.

14:00 - Hakeem says he misses Cleo and his inspiration is getting lost.

13:35 - Diary sessions commence with Elikem in the Diamond House.

13:15 Feza and Fatima share their pregnancy chronicles with Elikem and Melvin.

13:00 - The Rubies are taking a nap, save for the Biguesas who is in deep thought in the garden and Neyll who is doing his laundry. Must be Nominations fever!

12:43 - The Angolan lads, Biguesas and Neyll share experiences from back home.

12:00 - Natasha and Selly talk safe sex and advise the guys on the dangers of multiple concurrent sex partners.

11:45 -

Diamond Nominations:
Bolt - 5
Hakeem & Dillish - 4
Betty, Annabel & Feza - 3
Nando, Melvin, Motamma & Elikem - 1
Fatima, Angelo & Bimp - 0

Ruby Nominations:
Biguesas - 6
LK4 - 4
Neyll & Selly - 3
Maria & Sulu & Koketso - 2
Natasha, Beverly, Bassey & Pokello - 1
Oneal & Cleo - 0

11:38 - Selly, Bassey, Beverly, Sulu and Pokello are having a 'stinky' conversation about farting and number twos in the garden.

11:09 - Pokello tells the girls that though Denzel wore bowties all the time, he only has three and they laugh about it.

11:00 - Biguesas dominates Ruby Nominations at this point with four Nominations.

10:43 - Nominations are underway, and the Housemates are speaking out about their issues with other Housemates.

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