Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Live Updates: Day 9

17:35 - Elikem sprints on the treadmill o cheering Housemates and Feza challenges him.

17:17 - Annabel and Motamma talk about the guys at their gyms back home. "They are hot!"

16:56 - Diary: Hakeem says some of the Diamonds had the wrong perception of him so they paid him back by giving up one of their crushes.

16:35 - "It's tough being in an environment where you can't trust anyone but every day is better," Feza tells Biggie after being asked about being Nominated.

15: 45 - Motamma tells Biggie that she's not feeling well but has learnt to stop being too trusting in the House.

15:30 - Dillish shakes her booty or Elikem in the garden as she cheers him on.

14:30 - The Diamonds are having their Diary sessions.

12:59 - After much deliberation on how to tackle the fitness aspect of the Photo Shoot Task, the Rubies Wager 100 percent.

12:30 - The Diamonds change into their gym gear and start exercising on Biggie's cue (at least two at a time while the rest cheer them on)

12:20 - Diamonds Wager 100 percent for this week's Task.

11:53 - Who is a freak in the Diamond House? Nando says a freak is someone who is down for whatever - drunk or sober. Annabel says she's a freak for sure!

11:45 - Hakeem smiles as he chooses Cleo's picture on The Crush Wall - twice.

11:19 - It's the Diamonds Crush Wall session. The first three Housemates have Cleo in common.

11:10 - Annabel tells Melvin and Dillish that Hakeem needs to up his game and stop sulking for Cleo before he messes up his ratings with the viewers.

10:54 - Hakeem leads the Crush Wall so far after Rubies decided to vote for him so he can spend some time with Cleo.

10:32 - The Ruby House goes first and Cleo selects Hakeem's picture on The Crush Wall.

10:16 - Big Brother offers Housemates the opportunity to spend one on one time with Housemates from the other House via a mechanism called The Crush Wall.


  1. Hakeem and cleo baby they suit each other...

  2. Hakeem has something real for Cleo unlike this lk no 4 hu is just using KK

  3. Hmmmmnnn,d Hakeem/Cleo pair

  4. Hakeem you are "The Chase" so you stay

  5. hakeem u ar e best !!!