Monday, June 03, 2013

Diary: LK4 Doesn't Want To Hurt Koketso

So much has happened in the Ruby House, especially where Koketso, LK4 and Beverly are concerned. It’s safe to say that the tension between the three is as clear as the diamonds in the Diamond House.

Although our player sees the error of his ways by ‘trying’ to be a player and trying to charm both women, he admits that keeping two beauties happy is near impossible especially when what was meant to be a game turns out to have real consequences.

LK4 has decided that his loyalties and love belong to South African entrepreneur, Koketso and not Beverly. He told Biggie that he intends on making amends with her but he’s still not sure whether she has genuine feelings for her because at the end of the day this is a game.

It’s safe to say that LK4 is in a sticky situation because Beverly is not going to be happy with him choosing to be with Koketso. But our brave Ugandan has thrown in his player title, admitted that he can’t live up to it and will do his darnedest to restore Koketso’s faith in him. What happens to Beverly’s feelings didn’t seem much of a priority.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. LK4, don,t blame u, its d gals that are so blind I blame. I wonder what he's feeling like now ? Mtssssssssshw...

  2. he's playing his cards right! But he might get chopped... Better be careful lk4

  3. I knw no one can stay away from our gal *kay stick with her l4k ul goo far poi

    #pretty as eva

  4. Yeah boy, dats d game. Let d ladies b fooled but watch ur back LK4

  5. I am still not conviced, those other girls are just too nozy. Why is Maria continuously questioning him.

  6. LK4 is into Koketso, it cnt be easy being caught in this drama.