Saturday, June 01, 2013

LK4 For Koketso Or Beverly?

LK4 is torn between two gorgeous ladies in the Ruby House. Will he go for Koketso whom he has a crush on or Beverly who, according to Selly, has a crush on him?

Any guy would kill to be in LK4's position right now but it seems as though the situation is weighing the Ugandan Housemate down.

After Selly cornered him about his feelings for Beverly, LK4 couldn't give a straight answer. "If you think you like her, limit your relationship with Koketso," Selly warned.

However, LK4 maintained his impartiality and dashed to Koketso as soon as he let loose from Selly. Once he was with Koketso, LK4 spilled the beans of Selly's match-maker tactics insisting that he would not be forced into liking someone (referring to Beverly).

Meanwhile, Koketso felt marked and in a vulnerable position. "I'm the issue here. They will try to Nominate and eliminate me. It's so annoying," she lamented before telling LK4 to stay away from her and jumping into bed. Earlier today, just after morning exercise, LK4 told Hakeem that that he had no feelings for Koketso but was just playing the game.

Video: Decisions Decisions!

Will LK4 stick to his pact with Koketso and stay away from her or will he try and convince her to change her mind? Perhaps he should just move on to Beverly's open arms, what's your take?

By Lindiwe Nkonyane

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  1. Lk4 confused man. You better make your choice b4 the girls decide to trow you out of the house