Sunday, June 09, 2013

LK4 Says He's A Prince

Apart from being a Prince, LK4 says he is also well hung.

Could it have been the drinks that were flowing like the Nile that changed LK4 from Mr. Loverman to Mr. Chatterbox? Looks likely. The Ugandan cornered Elikem after the party and told him "I don't care about the USD 300 000. I have money from here to Jerusalem. I'm a Prince in Uganda".

Elikem looked on without saying a word and seemed to be a tad surprised by this interesting morsel of information. LK4 also told the Ghanaian how every girl in the Ruby House wants him. "They have seen me in the shower. Every chick in here wants me because I'm well hung. That's why I was Nominated," he continued confidently.

LK4 was not content with just relaying this piece of news to Elikem. He scanned the House for an ear willing to listen and luckily he found Natasha, who was sitting on the couch in the lounge. He told her stories about his life of splendour and privilege.

The Ugandan is Nominated for possible Eviction and could be headed back to his palace should he not survive the dreaded chop.

Video: Well hung Prince

By Ngeti Dlamini


  1. If he has so much money as he clams, wat is he doing in d BB house? LK4 u need 2 go back 2 ur so called palace.

  2. Omo see lie ooo!!! LK4 u r going 2day. U r 2 fake.

  3. You anonymous you know it well that LK4 is a class apart man you need to accept

  4. Ak47 the prince of Zamunda

  5. I liked LK4, he was harmless unlike Prezzo who could kill to get his hands on the prize. prezzo schemed, manipulated and used his voodoo stick to keep himself in the house. in the end it was a long walk to his seat after being bulldozed by the south African dude. that's what Africa will do to you. Give you high hopes and then dump you at the last minute. kwaaakwaaa! so all those that are gone, it's painful I know. your wounds will heal and by that time the pain of those being dropped after smelling the prize will be worse than that which you are feeling now. Koketso, u left with your head held up did not have sex in the house unlike "foolish" Betty who sold her soul to the devil in the name of love to a guy with a ring on his finger. the whole of Africa saw her "hello Kitty".